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Why choose Nobly POS as your iPad POS system supplier?

Our easy to use iPad EPOS system is packed full of great features that help you grow your business. We’ve specially designed our software to cater for the hospitality industry.

Some of the handy iPad POS features that help take the hassle out of running your bar, restaurant or cafe:
  • Intelligent POS System Reporting

    Intelligent POS
    System Reporting

    Make more informed decisions with powerful analytics. Know exactly what you're selling and when withNobly's powerful Back Office.

    Read more about our intelligent
    POS reporting features
  • POS Table Service

    POS Table

    Every table at your fingertips. Your table layout can be integrated directly on to our POS system. Speed up service and remove mistakes with Nobly's POS table service features.

    Read more about our POS
    table featuers
  • POS Ingredient Travking

    POS Ingredient

    Keep track of your ingredients effortlessly. Get real-time overviews of your inventory levels. Spend less time counting stock and more time growing your business.

    Read more about our POS ingredient
    tracking features
  • POS Offline Mode

    POS Offline

    You don't need to stop when the Wi-Fi stops. Our POS system keeps working even when you’re offline. Perfect if your business is on the move or if you have an unreliable connection.

    Read more about our offline
    POS features
  • POS Integrations


    With our software you can connect to any of our seamless integrations in seconds. Our POS system integrations save you hours of work each month.

    Read more about our
  • Loyalty & CRM POS features

    Loyalty & CRM
    POS features

    Our POS system can encourage your customers to keep coming back. Set up personalised loyalty schemes so you can spread the love and reward your loyal customers.

    Read more about our loyalty and
    CRM features

Want to learn more about our built-in features? Book your free iPad POS System demo now!

Nobly: The #1 customer-rated iPad EPOS system on the market

Our tablet POS software is specially designed for the hospitality industry. We love it when we see our restaurant, cafe & bar owners succeed.

  • Nobly iPad EPOS review from the Hop Hen Brewing

    Hop Hen Brewing

    Brewery and Bar

    1 system

    "The POS is really easy to use...plus the training was excellent and the ongoing support is effective and speedy"

  • Nobly iPad EPOS review from the Arancina Pizza Bar Owner


    Pizza Bar

    3 systems

    "Nobly is so simple and intuitive to use, and I'm rubbish with technology!"

  • Nobly iPad EPOS review from the Essential Vegan Cafe Owner

    Essential Vegan


    1 system

    "Nobly is the best solution for our small business. It lets me know which days are busiest and which are not, so I can buy and stock the freshest ingredients each day."

  • Nobly iPad EPOS review from the 90 Degrees Melt Owner

    90º Melt


    1 system

    "Having used Nobly from the start, it has been an incredible tool to collect and analyse data on what and when we are selling as well as what stock we have."

Nobly Go
Newly Available
Put Nobly in your
Access vital reports and insights every day, every hour, whenever you need. Find out key insights from the day, how well your business is doing and reach your goals.
More about Nobly Go
More about Nobly Go
Take your kitchen
to the next level
User friendly interface, color-coded to help staff
see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go.
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5 reasons busy managers depend on
Nobly’s iPad POS system

Here’s some of the top reasons hospitality staff love our software:

iPad POS System by Nobly
  • 1. Simple to use:
    Our iPad POS System serves your customers faster with fewer mistakes
  • 2. Easy to learn:
    So simple to use that you can train your staff in a matter of minutes
  • 3. Convenient:
    Automatic sales, inventory and end of day reports at your fingertips
  • 4. Reliable:
    Offline POS mode for when your wifi’s down - so no impact on service when it drops out
  • 5. Affordable:
    Our POS system installation is fast and completely free to set up
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Nobly’s powerful integrations save you time and hassle

We built our POS system to make your life easier, and you can bring all your data together in one place with our multiple integrations. We make it simple to manage and access
all the insights you need to make smart business decisions.

Our powerful suite of POS integrations include:
  • Verifone Nobly iPad EPOS Integration

    Verifone POS Integration

    Providing solutions & services that enable electronic payment transactions and value-added services.

  • Payment Sense Nobly iPad EPOS Integration

    Payment Sense POS Integration

    Helping businesses find simple, professional and affordable card payment solutions.

  • Deputy Nobly iPad EPOS Integration

    Deputy POS Integration

    An online HR and employee management system for easy employee scheduling, time, attendance, and communication.

  • MarketMan Nobly iPad EPOS Integration

    MarketMan POS Integration

    MarketMan offers any food outlet or chain inventory management software.

  • QuickBooks Nobly iPad EPOS Integration

    QuickBooks POS Integration

    Small businesses choose QuickBooks Accounting Software to manage their accounting.

  • Xero Nobly iPad EPOS Integration

    Xero POS Integration

    Xero is an online accounting software for small businesses, used to manage invoicing, bank reconciliation & bookkeeping.

Take a peek at our trophy cabinet

Here are some of the awards we’ve won for our iPad POS System.
We’ve worked hard over the years to perfect the art of delivering the best features
for our clients and are pretty proud of the awards that recognise our achievements.
Nobly Awards for POS System services
Nobly Awards for POS System services

Analytics as unique as your business.

Nobly’s cloud-based back office suite produces reports as beautiful as they are powerful. Our back office generates 32 different reports. See what’s selling and what you’ve got in stock in real-time, or dive deep into your sales with end-of-day analytics.

More about Nobly's Reports

Nobly’s EPOS System Software on a laptop
Nobly’s iPad EPOS Till System Hardware Bundles

Keep customers flowing with reliable & affordable hardware

All the EPOS till system kit you need to run your business and power through queues and busy services. Get great value POS System hardware bundles with industry-standard wireless and wired printers, robust cash draws, integrated card readers and ultra-secure Heckler iPad POS stands.

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Five-star support. Absolutely free

Customer support is at the heart of what we do. The hospitality industry operates twenty four hours a day, seven days a week- so we do as well.

Every Nobly user has access to our award winning 24/7 customer support, as we know how important it is to have the right support from our EPOS system experts
whenever you need it.

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Nobly’s Award Winning POS Customer Services

The best iPad Point of Sale system. Simple

But don’t ask us: ask our customers.

  • iPad Point Of Sale Testimonial From Edwin Porter - Morty & Bob’s Cafe

    “Excellent service, very helpful, would definitely recommend.”

    Edwin Porter, Morty & Bob's cafe
  • “Excellent training tutorial, moved to Nobly from another POS system! Highly recommend.”

    Anne Payne, Arancina Pizza Bar
    iPad Point Of Sale Testimonial From Anne Payne - Arancina Pizza Bar

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