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Bakery POS Systems

A simple and affordable Point of Sale system for your bakery or deli

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A simple and affordable Bakery POS system

Nobly is the perfect Point of Sale solution for your busy bakery or deli.

Get the reports you need when you need them: Nobly’s super fast Back Office means you spend less time on admin and more time helping customers.

Organise and break down your products into categories and departments to simplify reporting and provide better insights. The perfect solution for a growing small business.

The Nobly Bakery EPOS System On An iPad

An intuitive interface and powerful features

Our bakery POS system features allow you to get an overview of your business at a glance or drill down into individual customers’ orders. Your license includes access to all the POS software features, updates, and any support you need.
  • Sales & Inventory Reports

    Get in-depth insights about your bakery or deli with the Nobly POS powerful Back Office. Track sales by product, category, staff member, and much more. 

  • No Wifi? No Problem With Offline Mode 

    The Nobly POS Offline mode gives you the freedom and security to carry on with your business, whatever the circumstances. 

  • Loyalty & Rewards

    Get to know your customers better. With the Nobly POS you can track their purchases, send promotions, and keep them coming back for more with the powerful loyalty & reward features. 

  • POS Order Display Units & Printers

    Get orders where they need to go in a flash with dedicated station printers & the Nobly POS Order Display Unit. Never lose an order again.

  • Intelligent Ingredient Tracking 

    With the Nobly POS Bakery & Deli EPOS system, you can take your business's Inventory management to the next level by monitoring ingredients usage.

“What Nobly does is give us the right information at the right time, so we can deliver a better service. At the swipe of a finger the back-office allows us to look at every single product and connect all the dots together, allowing us to make informed decisions.”

Vernon, co-founder , The Wild Goose Bakery, London

Bakery EPOS System Customer Testimonial From Tantrum Doughnuts Bakery

Tantrum Doughnuts, Glasgow

Iain, co-founder

“An organised and professional software system, and the hardware is sleek, impressive and secure. Nobly allows us to take an astonishing range of payments that completely surprises our customers.”

The complete iPad POS system for your busy Deli or Bakery

Get started with Nobly in 3 easy steps

Give one of our POS experts a call today to find out more about Nobly. Our software has so many features to help you run and grow your busy bakery, plus it’s easy to install and get up and running in no time.

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    Step One - Speak To Our EPOS System Experts & Order Your POS Software

    Order your
    POS system

    Speak to our team of experts and get the right POS system for your business. Simply click the button below to get started.

    Free Demo

  • 2
    Step Two - Download & Install Our POS App & Connect Your iPad To Our Software

    Connect your iPad to your hardware

    Download the app and connect your iPad to your hardware. It’s not difficult to do and you’ll be guided through the whole process.

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    Step Three - Start Selling Using Your Nobly EPOS System

    Get going instantly

    You’re all set up! You can start selling straight away. You’re on your way to growing your business with Nobly - it’s that simple!

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See for yourself how great our bakery EPOS system is - get in touch now!
Can Nobly help me with customer loyalty?

Yes. Nobly has robust customer loyalty and client record management features. Drill down into sales by customer using our powerful back office, or stay at the forefront of everyone’s minds using our MailChimp integration.

My internet isn’t the best. Can I still use Nobly?

Yes, you can. Nobly has an Offline Mode, which records all your transactions and then syncs everything once you’re back online. You won’t even notice.

There are so many EPOS systems out there: how’s Nobly different?

The EPOS market is a crowded one, but Nobly is the only EPOS system that is custom-built to work with bakery & deli businesses. That means we do more of what you need. Our software has all the integrations you need to make your business run smoothly, plus if you ever have a problem, we are on hand 24/7 to help when you need us.

Do I have to source all the hardware myself?

No not at all. Nobly offers a variety of hardware bundles, and we can tailor-make you a hardware package to suit your needs. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise you about any of the hardware you’ll need.

Can I use my existing hardware with Nobly?

If you’re already using an iPad-based POS system, then any existing hardware should work just fine. If you’ve got any questions, just give us a call.

Will Nobly take forever to set up?

No, in fact you can be up and running within no time at all. Nobly POS software is very quick and easy to set up. Simply download the Nobly app from the App Store, connect your hardware, and you’re ready to roll. It’s that simple.

Where can I see the system in action?

You can see the system from the comfort of your own home! Just call our Sales team to book your 15-minute demo. They can talk you through all the features, explain how it can work for your cafe business and show you how simple it is to use.