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Bakery POS Systems

A simple and affordable Point of Sale system for your bakery or deli

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A simple and affordable Bakery POS system

Nobly is the perfect Point of Sale solution for your busy bakery or deli. Get the reports you need when you need them: Nobly’s super fast Back Office means you spend less time on admin and more time helping customers. Organise and break down your products into to categories and departments to simplify reporting and provide better insights. The perfect solution for a growing small business.

Nobly POS front end

An intuitive interface and powerful features

  • Sales & Inventory Reports

    Get in-depth insights about your bakery or deli with Nobly’s powerful Back Office. Track sales by product, category, staff member, and much more.

  • Payments

    Send payments directly from your POS system to your card terminal. No fussing, no fumbling. Just ultra-fast, ultra-simple transactions.

  • Loyalty & Rewards

    Get to know your customers better. Track their purchases, send promotions, and keep them coming back for more with in-built Nobly Loyalty.

  • Printers

    Get orders where they need to go in a flash with dedicated Station printers and Nobly’s Order Display Unit. Never lose an order again.

Tantrum Doughnuts, Glasgow

Iain, co-founder

“An organised and professional software system, and the hardware is sleek, impressive and secure. Nobly allows us to take an astonishing range of payments that completely surprises our customers.”

The complete iPad POS system for your busy Deli or Bakery

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