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Bar staff taking payment

Bar POS SystemsNobly: the flexible POS

The POS system that’s built for your bar

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The POS system
that's built for your bar.

Spend less time tapping and more time shaking and stirring with Nobly’s intuitive interface. Nobly’s intelligent real-time sales reports and inventory tracking help you keep on top of your bar’s stock. Your subscription includes access to all software features, updates, and any support you need.

  • Cocktail Bar

  • Sports Bar

  • Gin Joint

  • Pub

  • Tiki Bar

  • Whisky Bar

A Bartender Using The Nobly Pub EPOS Till System

Save time and money with Nobly's powerful features

  • Find what you need
    in a flash

    Organise your products for quick and easy access. And add variations and modifiers at the tap of a button to make each and every drink unique.

  • The flexibility you need
    to run your bar

    Nobly gives you the flexibility you need to run your business. Want waiters to ring up orders at customers' tables? Nobly can do that.

  • Streamlined

    Need drink orders to go to the bar, but food tickets to fly off to the kitchen? With Nobly, you can set up separate station printers for different orders, and get tickets where they need to go in a snap.

  • Supercharge your

    Don’t spend hours counting out bottles. Nobly’s cloud based back office shows you what you’re using and what stock you’ve got, in real-time.

  • Get smart about

    Get a grip on your wastage with Nobly’s smart reports. Track what you’re wasting, and find out how much it’s costing you.

  • Security made

    Nobly makes staying secure simple and unobtrusive. Give each member of staff their own dedicated account, with secure passcodes and their own permissions.

One POS system. Everything you need to run your business.

Nobly’s Bar & Pub iPad & Mobile POS Till System
  • Integrations: Xero, Deputy, QB

    Seamless integrations with industry-leading software like Xero, QuickBooks, and Deputy.

    Nobly’s Bar & Pub POS Integrations With Xero, QuickBooks, Deputy, MarketMan & More
  • Reporting

    Get the lowdown on your business with powerful reporting and analytics.

    Nobly’s Bar & Pub Web POS System Reporting Back Office
  • Mobile Reports

    Access your business' reports anywhere in the world using Nobly's cloud-based back office.

    Nobly’s Bar & Pub Mobile POS System Reports
  • Kitchen Display Unit

    See everything that's being ordered, as it's ordered.

    Nobly’s Bar & Pub POS System Kitchen Display Unit
  • Integrated Payments

    Send payments directly from the POS to your card reader.

    Nobly’s Bar & Pub iPad & Mobile POS Till System Integrated Payments Card Reader
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What makes Nobly POS so well-suited for bars?

Nobly POS is the premier point of sale system for bars. It’s built for speed and ease of use, with simple and intuitive software running on world-class hardware. Power through queues and get customers served quicker with Nobly.

There are so many POS systems out there: how’s Nobly different?

The POS market is a crowded one, but Nobly is the only POS system that is custom-built to work with hospitality businesses and bars. That means we do more of what you need.

Do I have to source all the hardware myself?

Nope. Nobly offers a variety of hardware bundles, and we can tailor-make you a hardware package to suit your needs.

Can Nobly help me with stock control?

Yes. Nobly has robust stock control and inventory management features. See what’s selling and what you’ve got in stock as it’s being sold using our powerful back office features.

Will Nobly take forever to set up?

Nobly is quick and easy to set up. Simply download the Nobly app from the App Store, connect your hardware, and you’re ready to roll.

Can I use my existing hardware with Nobly?

If you’re already using an iPad-based POS system, then any existing hardware should work just fine. If you’ve got any questions, just give us a call.

My internet isn’t the best. Can I still use Nobly?

Yes, you can. Nobly has an Offline Mode, which records all your transactions and then syncs everything once you’re back online. You won’t even notice.

Where can I see the system in action?

You can see the system from the comfort of your own home! Just call our Sales team to book your 15-minute demo.