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Latest Updates and Resources on POS & EPOS System

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What is a POS system?

If you’re a restauranteur, retailer or entrepreneur, answering the question what is a POS system should be one of your first tasks as you start your business. For any company that deals with customers...

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Nobly POS awarded FinancesOnline Directory’s POS Software Distinctions: Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018

We are pleased to announce that FinancesOnline, an established B2B software review platform, has awarded Nobly POS two awards.  

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The Eight Main Reasons Why You Should Start a Coffee Cart Business

One of the greatest things about entrepreneurship is freedom. Once you’ve decided to take the first step towards financial independence you are free to finally create a business that will serve your g...

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World's Weirdest Food & Drink  Superstitions

Everyone knows the odd superstition that they’ve learned along the way, whether it be spilling salt causes bad luck, or walking under a ladder can bring you all sorts of trouble. But are these univers...

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A Step by Step Guide to Restaurant, Bar and Coffee Shop Branding

Want to give your hospitality business its own unique character? Whether you're the owner of a restaurant, bar or coffee shop, with these 5 simple steps you can build a recognisable brand that's loved...

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Set Your Sights on Success By Reducing Your Stress Levels

By Julie Morris   Is stress getting in the way of achieving your goals?  Even if you feel like filling your moments with meetings, travel, negotiations and deadlines are the key to conquering your tas...

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How to make your bar layout reflect your brand

Aesthetics are more than just making something look good, they are about telling a story. Designing a space or an online identity without first considering who you are or what values you share is a hu...

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Social media marketing for bars: choosing the right platform for you

Social media for businesses is powerful. Not only can it help market your brand and improve your brand’s online visibility, but it can help build a community for your bar. Nowadays people love to be p...

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Coffee shop equipment: a guide

For many people, coffee shops are the go-to place for people, be it for work, socialising or relaxing. Ensuring your coffee shop caters to a whole host of people is no easy feat, but there is a wealth...

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The Best States For Socially Conscious Business

Want to work for a socially conscious company? Here's our definitive ranking of the best and worst states for socially responsible business. Find out where your state ranks.  

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