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What EPOS system should I use for my cafe?

A thriving café needs to have all its systems running smoothly to keep up with customer demand. While your coffee grinders, machines, and of course your baristas are all important, nothing will impact...

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What is an EPOS system and how does it work?

Now that payment methods have become more advanced, businesses need to do away with old cash registers, but what is the alternative? EPOS systems present retailers, restaurateurs and business owners w...

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Business bar

Five ways to manage your bar's inventory better

Bar inventory management: not a phrase that most owners get excited about. It’s more likely to make you feel exhausted just thinking about it.   A poor stock management system means working long hours...

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Want repeat customers? Here's three ways to get people coming back for more.

Getting new customers costs more than keeping return customers. That’s a fact.  

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Partner in Review: Why use Deputy in your Business?

Running your own business, no matter what industry you are in, is hard work. It requires long hours, busy days and plenty of strategic planning to keep your business ahead of the competition. However,...

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What is an mPOS and how can it benefit my business?

By 2024, it’s expected that there will be 35 million mPOS systems in businesses around the world. But what is an mPOS? mPOS stands for mobile Point of Sale, and an mPOS is a hand-held point of sale de...

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18 business experts share what business they would start today

Millions of people walk around with ideas for businesses. Thousands of people start their own. But very few of these businesses make it past the first year. 

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Payment Processors: The ultimate shootout comparison guide (2018 version)

The payment processing world is a bit of a minefield, that’s for sure. There’s all sorts of different providers out there, offering different payment methods and different card rates — and that’s to s...

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Business data tech

Quickbooks vs. Xero: the ultimate comparison guide 2018

On the face of it, Quickbooks Online and Xero are pretty similar. They’re both cloud-based accountancy packages, and they both do pretty much everything a small business or sole trader could need. You...

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Business bar

Seven steps to running a successful bar

You might mix the best martini in town, but that doesn’t matter if you’re struggling to keep the lights on. No matter whether you’re running a backroom speakeasy, a neighbourhood pub, or the most upma...

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