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Moyses Stevens on Training Staff with Nobly

We wanted to tell the stories of business-owners pursuing their dream and finding success. We also want to show how Nobly has aided them along the way.

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Talking Whiskey with Fleet Street's Merchant House

whiskey-01-01.jpgWe wanted to tell the stories of business-owners pursuing their dream and finding success. We also want to show how Nobly has aided them along the way.

This week, we’re focussing on Merchant House, a Fleet Street bar that specialises in whiskey cocktails. Nobly’s intuitive design lets them access their range of over 500 whiskeys with ease, something which really helps during the bar’s peak hours on a Friday night!

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Which social media channels should I choose for my coffee shop?

featured image.png

So, you make a mean macchiato.

Your coffee’s to die for and your storefront turns the head of everyone who walks past.

Driving footfall to your store isn’t a problem.

But how’s your social media game?

With 64% of the UK’s population describing themselves as active users of social media, you can’t afford to miss out on a social audience.

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Four ways to get a better understanding of your cafe’s customers

80% of businesses say they deliver “superior” customer service.


But only 8% of customers agree with them.

There’s power in the personal touch: nearly 90% of customers say that they would pay more for better customer service.

It’s no longer the case that customers will frequent one place. There’s far more choice around than even ten years ago, and with that comes customers who are far more willing to shop around and look for exciting new experiences -- or vote with their feet if they’re not satisfied.

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Five coffee shop trends you can’t afford to miss in 2018

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Although top-notch coffee goes back a long way, speciality coffee has swept the market in recent years, going from niche pursuit to serious business.




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Get your Cafe or Restaurant’s Christmas off to a flying start with these 6 simple tips


December is coming up fast, and with December comes the holiday season. For the food and beverage industry, this time of year can represent one of the biggest challenges of the year, but also one of the biggest opportunities, as hungry and thirsty shoppers hit the streets in droves. 

Christmas is also a great marketing opportunity: just think about all of the Christmas ads. In recent years, they have become hyped as much as any blockbuster movie premiere.

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Six simple ways to increase footfall to your coffee shop and send your sales sky-rocketing

Flying man illustration-1.pngSlow day at your coffee shop? Just the espresso machine for company? We’ve all been there. When your cafe is buzzing and the till keeps ringing, it’s great. But when business is slow and footfall is low, the days just drag, don’t they?

Running a coffee shop can be a tricky business sometimes. You can have the finest coffee beans in the world and make latte art worthy of Picasso, but that’s no good if there’s no-one about to drink it. Well, what if you could have customers queueing out the door?

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Bring in New Customers with These Four Simple Steps to Great Events in your Cafe

Little man audience.png

When you’re running a coffee shop, getting more people through the door is always the goal. More customers means more sales, and more sales means more profits.

But how?

Think retail; think entertainment; think “retailtainment.” Putting on innovative, memorable events in your cafe, or using your shop as a space that others can hire out, is a great way to bring customers flocking to your store.

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Coffee Shop Case Study: EC1 Coffee House

One day in the life... EC1 Coffee House 

So you think you have what it takes to own and run a coffeeshop? 
Not sure what your day to day would look like if you do decide to run with your plans? 
Let Nobly POS and the owner of EC1 Coffee Shop, Daniel, take you through a typical day in the life of their family coffeeshop.   
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