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UK Government Financial Assistance for Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

Restaurants throughout the UK are facing economic headwinds as social distancing measures have been introduced to stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Boris Johnson’s advice on Monday to “avoid”...

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World's Weirdest Food & Drink  Superstitions

Everyone knows the odd superstition that they’ve learned along the way, whether it be spilling salt causes bad luck, or walking under a ladder can bring you all sorts of trouble. But are these univers...

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Set Your Sights on Success By Reducing Your Stress Levels

By Julie Morris   Is stress getting in the way of achieving your goals?  Even if you feel like filling your moments with meetings, travel, negotiations and deadlines are the key to conquering your tas...

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How to make your bar layout reflect your brand

Aesthetics are more than just making something look good, they are about telling a story. Designing a space or an online identity without first considering who you are or what values you share is a hu...

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Social media marketing for bars: choosing the right platform for you

Social media for businesses is powerful. Not only can it help market your brand and improve your brand’s online visibility, but it can help build a community for your bar. Nowadays people love to be p...

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Coffee shop equipment: a guide

For many people, coffee shops are the go-to place for people, be it for work, socialising or relaxing. Ensuring your coffee shop caters to a whole host of people is no easy feat, but there is a wealth...

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Seven great restaurant brands in the UK

When it comes to finding a good place to eat in the UK, you’re spoiled for choice. With the possibility of selecting from a huge number of options and an incredibly diverse selection of cuisines, the ...

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How to value your business and sell it

So, you’ve decided to sell up.  Maybe you’ve taken your business as far as it can go or maybe you’ve decided you need to switch things up a bit. 

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The Best EPOS System For Your Business

An EPOS system isn’t just a till — it’s at the heart of your business. Every sale you make, every transaction you process goes through it.  So you should get more out of it, shouldn’t you?  And there’...

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Our 121 ultimate food blog for 2018

Looking for some food inspiration? We've got just the thing. There’s a whole lot of food blogs out there but we’ve found the best of the best for foodies like you. In this list you’ll find everything ...

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