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Josh Phillips
June 19, 2018

Barbershop EPOS: The must-read guide (2018 version)

It’s 2018, and if you’re not using an EPOS to run your barbershop, you’re missing a trick.
Businesses that have adopted EPOS systems saw an average 17.4% increase in sales.
And 85% of businesses plan on adopting EPOS systems in the next three years.
But what is an EPOS system, and what can a barbershop EPOS do for you?


So, why should I use an EPOS system?

EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale.

It takes the place of a traditional till system. It lets you process sales and take payment, but that’s not all there is to it.

An EPOS system is more than just a till. It’s the cornerstone of your barbershop, helping you to run your business better and offer your customers more streamlined experience.

When it comes to cutting down on admin, and to analysing your sales and your staff’s performance, barbershop EPOS systems are fast becoming a necessity for forward-thinking barbers across the world.

What can an EPOS system do for my barbershop?

T14here’s a vast number of EPOS systems out there, and they all do different things for different businesses.

You need to make sure that you’re buying a dedicated barbershop EPOS so that you get the features you need to run your business — after all, barbershops have very different needs to bookstores and burger joints.

So, what should you look for in a barbershop EPOS?

Dedicated staff accounts

How are you tracking your staff’s sales?

If you’ve not got an EPOS system, chances are you’re having to manually count out sales and tally them against the money in your till. And that’s no fun. It’s fiddly, it takes forever, and it’s very easy for errors to creep in.

In short, calculating sales and commission without an EPOS system is a bit of a nightmare.

But a dedicated barbershop EPOS system can automate this process for you.

A barbershop EPOS system will allow you to create dedicated and secure, passcode-protected, user accounts for each of your barbers. When a barber logs into their account to ring up a sale, that transaction will be automatically registered to their account.

This means that, when you use a barbershop EPOS, you can keep track of what your staff are doing. You can see who’s made what sales and when their most active hours are, and calculate sales by staff member and how much commission they’re due to get.

A good EPOS system will also be able to generate timesheets automatically based on when they sign in and out, making it easy to calculate staff hours.

But that’s not all a barbershop EPOS can do for you.

Reports and analytics

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 18.32.46 (1)

Sure, you can use your EPOS system to find out how well your staff are doing. But that’s not all there is to it — your EPOS will help you unlock a whole world of insights into your barbershop.

Because it handles all of your transactions, your EPOS collects and analyses all sorts of sales data for your viewing pleasure.

Modern EPOS systems tend to have a cloud-based analytics system, which means you don’t have to be at the till, or even in the building, to see your sales. Some EPOS systems will show you your sales in real-time, meaning you can see your business ticking along from anywhere  in the world.

You’ll be able to see a range of sales reports, breaking down your sales by item, by category, by time sold, and much more.

Many EPOS systems integrate directly with popular accountancy packages like Xero and Quickbooks. This means that your sales data gets piped directly from your EPOS into your accounts, without you having to enter single figure. These integrations can save you hours of work and hundreds of pounds in accountants’ fees.

Customer relationship management


An EPOS system won’t just help you run your barbershop more efficiently — it can help you give your customers a better experience.

Chances are your customers go to you for a reason — because you’ve nailed their haircut, or because they love your hot towel shave. Chances are, your regulars stick with a certain barber who knows their preferences.

8ceybio1But your customers’ regular barbers aren’t always around. Sometimes they’re off, sometimes they’re busy. But with an EPOS system with a CRM (Customer Records Management) system, you can make sure that customers get the service they expect, no matter who’s cutting their hair.

An EPOS CRM allows you to set up customer info and notes that anyone using the EPOS system can access, meaning that you can offer your customers a more consistent experience.

EPOS systems can also manage your loyalty schemes.

Think about loyalty stamp cards for a second — they’re not the best, are they? Unless you number each and every one, you’ve got no way of knowing how many you’ve given out, and it’s all-but impossible to tell who’s using theirs and who’s got it stashed at the bottom of a drawer, gathering dust.

But a barbershop EPOS system can take your loyalty schemes to the next level. They can track who’s participating in your loyalty scheme, as well as how many times they’ve visited, what they’ve spent, and who you’ve given rewards to — as well as how much those rewards cost you.

Using an EPOS system to manage your barbershop’s loyalty schemes means that you can track who your most loyal customers are, and work out the ROI on your loyalty campaigns.

Track your retail sales

Chances are you sell some stuff on the side — wax and gel and other products. An EPOS system helps you do just this. You can ring up retail sales using an EPOS in the same way as you do haircuts.

But you can do so much more than just ring up sales. An EPOS system can help you manage your inventory and stock levels. You can add new stock and edit your existing inventory on the fly. EPOS systems can even send you alerts when you’re running low and you need to stock up.