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March 09, 2018

Moyses Stevens on Training Staff with Nobly

We wanted to tell the stories of business-owners pursuing their dream and finding success. We also want to show how Nobly has aided them along the way.



Today, we’re focussing on Moyses Stevens. Established in 1876, it is one of the longest-running florists in London. Having had the system for two years, they’ve found Nobly’s uncomplicated design perfect those who want to focus on ease of use.

In this post, we talk to Annie, Moyses Stevens Chelsea branch manager about how easy the Nobly system is for her to use, especially when training staff.

Annie from Moyses Stevens is always happy to talk flowers, though she is a little shy as being interviewed isn’t her “strongest point.” That said, we’ve not yet known anyone who can make flowers sound so fun!

Having spent four years working her way up in Moyses Stevens, Annie is now the manager of their Chelsea branch. Known for being one of London’s oldest florists, Moyses Stevens has the distinction of holding a royal warrant (the Queen’s official seal of approval!) which has led to some pretty interesting packages for the team to send. Annie tells us “well, we do send flowers on their behalf, though we don’t have to write the notes!”

We know she’s an expert in flowers (Amaryllis and Narcissus are her top recommendations) but how does Annie do on the technical side? Not great according to her…“I’m not brilliant with technology but I can definitely work our Nobly system!” She continues by saying that the system is perfect for those who aren’t a computer whiz and just want to focus on their customer relationships.


She’s particularly pleased with how easy it is to teach staff how to use it, especially when using an iPad as her point of sale system. Annie even has a proven method; convincing people they already know how to use the system. “The first question I ask staff,” she says, is “do you own an iPhone or iPad? After that they get it pretty quickly.” Having equipment that people are already familiar with means new starters have a head-start when using the Nobly system.

So what are Moyses Stevens’ future plans? They’re in the middle of setting up a training academy for future florists in Battersea. And her current flower recommendations? “Amethyst flower and ilex berries are what everyone’s is going to be going crazy for.” Well, with a easy-to-use POS system Annie can focus on what she does best: flowers!



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