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Team Nobly
August 23, 2018

Set Your Sights on Success By Reducing Your Stress Levels

By Julie Morris

Is stress getting in the way of achieving your goals?  Even if you feel like filling your moments with meetings, travel, negotiations and deadlines are the key to conquering your tasks, you might actually be doing more damage than good.  Here are some tips for lowering stress so you can better succeed. 

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How stress hinders you

Many busy professionals try to pave the road to success with stress.  However as some research reflects, stress can hinder you more than help.  Even under mild levels of stress, you are less able to control your emotions and more inclined to overreact to things.  Stress also can affect your health, leaving you at higher risk for issues such as cancer and liver disease.  You are more apt to be involved with an accident when you’re under stress, it can ruin your dental health, increase your risk for suicide, and even lower your sex drive.  

Signs of trouble

Inc. reports a significant portion of business professionals are under stress, citing studies showing 34 percent of entrepreneurs feel worried, and 45 percent feel stressed.  Even more alarming, your stress levels might be even higher than you realize.  While some stress is unavoidable in life, too much is unhealthy and can hinder your professional growth and your physical and mental wellness.  Be on guard for these symptoms of too much stress:

  • Struggling with decisions
  • Impatience or feeling edgy
  • Critical of others
  • Decreased or increased appetite
  • Memory or focus problems
  • General fatigue
  • Difficulty sleeping or trouble rising
  • Waning confidence
  • Struggling with tasks, which are usually simple
  • Waning interest in previously enjoyed activities
  • Less socializing
  • Substance abuse

Pad your wallet

Working smarter and not harder can help reduce your stress levels.  If finances are at the heart of some of your woes, consider applying for funding for your business to ease your mind.  Whether you would be better off with adding staff, increasing inventory, purchasing better equipment or just more working capital, extra cash flow can mean less stress and reaching your business goals sooner.  

Take control by letting go

Many professionals struggle with delegating.  As someone used to taking the bull by the horns, putting tasks into the hands of others can somehow feel wrong.  Maybe you know precisely how you want something completed, maybe you feel you are most qualified, or maybe it seems quickest and easiest to just tackle tasks yourself.  However, handing the baton to others can be the key to freeing up some of your responsibility, thereby lowering stress.  Forbes points out just because you can do something doesn’t mean it’s the best use of your time.  Start assigning more to others, and when they accomplish those to-dos give them a word of thanks.  It’ll make you feel even better to not only delegate the chore, but also to appreciate the efforts of others.  

Take a break

Taking time to recharge your battery is another important key toward lowering stress levels.  While it can feel counterintuitive, stepping away from your office to take a walk, go workout, linger in a sauna, or just sit with a cup of coffee can help reframe your perspective.  Avoid engaging electronics while you’re out, even your phone.  On days when you just can’t break away, another idea is to snag a couple squares of dark chocolate or catch up with an office BFF.  It can help your body release feel-good chemicals, lower blood pressure, improve your circulation and make you feel more sociable.  

Let’s do lunch

Being on the go can often means sacrificing time with the people most important to you.  However, engaging with those who really matter is a great way to keep things in perspective.  When work is busy and stress levels are on the rise, one recommendation is to make a point of catching a meal with your loved ones.  Grabbing a bite can brighten your day, and theirs, too.  

Success without stress

Lowering stress levels is important to your well-being and your goals.  Watch for warning signs you are overdoing it, and improve how you manage your situation.  Less stress can be the key to your future success!