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Team Nobly
August 20, 2018

Seven great restaurant brands in the UK

When it comes to finding a good place to eat in the UK, you’re spoiled for choice. With the possibility of selecting from a huge number of options and an incredibly diverse selection of cuisines, the challenge is often finding the best place to suit everybody in your party. However, there are a few restaurants that you should definitely check out, thanks to a combination of quality food and unique setting.
Going to any restaurant is a treat, but these seven destination dining experiences will be sure to satisfy even the most jaded of diners. Here are some of the most unique restaurant brands in the UK.
  • Dine in darkness at Dans le Noir

At the top of many people’s dream destinations for a unique culinary experience is London’s Dans le Noir. This fine-dining restaurant offers a thoroughly unique experience, where diners are served their food in the dark. While many restaurants have insufficient lighting, Dans le Noir takes it to the extreme with total darkness. This means that instead of focusing on the appearance of your food, you will be focused purely on the flavours and odours.

The staff at Dans le Noir are all visually impaired, and the combination of sensory experience and quality menu options is sure to delight every foodie. Check their website for a list of special events, like the blind wine tasting experience, or the regular social event with a specially curated playlist chosen by the staff.

  • Going underground at the Basement Galley


Another restaurant for the London-centric crowd, the Basement Galley has enjoyed a successful period as one of the most sought-after dining destinations in the nation’s capital. Located inside an old, converted tube carriage, the menu alone is something truly wonderful, with its blend of French influence and Scandinavian touches. Located in Walthamstow, the Basement Galley is easy to find, but it does it fill up quickly so you should always book your table well in advance.

With a menu that changes on a monthly basis, diners often book with no idea of what the choices are going to be on arrival, adding another unique element to this most sublime of London restaurants.

  • Controversially tasty treats at the Death Row Dive and Diner

death row

For those seeking a dining experience with a little edge, heading to Liverpool’s Death Row Dive and Diner should definitely be near the top of your culinary bucket list. It may have caused something of a furore when it opened, but the restaurant continues to thrive and offers diners the chance to experience the last meals of American death row inmates from the 1950s.


The walls are predictably macabre, with the mug shots of death row criminals adorning the dining room, looking down at you as you choose from such menu delights as the Smoke Me Burger or the Bloody Mary Brisket.

With the 1950s American theme, you can be sure that there’s plenty of recognisable dishes on offer, and the unique surroundings will certainly appeal to those with darker tastes.

  • Underwater delights at Hull’s Two Rivers Restaurant


For something really special, head to Hull’s The Deep Aquarium. There, you’ll find the hidden delight that is the Two Rivers Restaurant, and if you haven’t been before, you’re in for a spellbinding experience.

Diners who visit this stunning locale are treated to the experience of wining and dining whilst surrounded by the calming and beautiful aquarium fish that surround the dining area. As the night continues, the lighting of the aquarium subtly shifts, creating a stunning ambience that would be more than enough to qualify the Two Rivers Restaurant as part of this list.

A special mention has to be made for the food, however, and with the fantastic menu that’s inspired by locally sourced products, it’s no surprise that you have to book in advance for this underwater extravaganza for your taste buds.

  • Enjoy more than a Malmaison in Oxford


Most regular hotel visitors are aware of the name, reputation, and quality of the Malmaison brand. While each of their destination hotels are special, they have gone above and beyond at their Oxford venue. Not only is it a converted prison, but it is also a refurbished medieval castle, making it truly unique in terms of setting and history.

You might think that prison is the last place that you want to try out the cuisine, but the restaurant at the Malmaison Castle is a long way away from porridge and handcuffs. Instead, it is an elegant destination that offers the highest quality food in one of the most stunning examples of medieval architecture in the country.

  • All in all, another meal at The Wall


For the trendier eaters, the best place in the country to eat is The Wall. There’s simply no escaping the impact that it’s had when it comes to introducing a whole new generation to the dining experience. Located in the centre of the House of Vans, fans of more extreme sports will revel in the menu choices whilst being surrounded by London’s first ever indoor skate park.

With a simple menu that mostly comprises of burgers, there are even special events where the more experienced sports fans can pay for their meal with BMX or skateboard tricks. If you have a young family member and you want to give them a treat, check out the website for The Wall, and open them up to a whole new culinary experience.

  • Book in for book delights at The Library Restaurant


Roman philosopher Cicero once said that a room without books is a room without a soul, and if you’re inclined to agree then you need to visit The Library Restaurant in Norwich. The venue has been specifically designed to look like a classic library, giving it a stylish ambience that’s just packed with style and elegance.

The menu is diverse enough to offer something for everyone, and the prices won’t lead to any library fines either! Particularly popular is the meat that comes straight from the wood-fired oven, and the Sunday Roast that offers both traditional menu items and some unusual treats as well. Definitely worth a visit if you like being surrounded by books at all times!

These are just some of the most unique destinations to head to if you’re looking for somewhere new to try for food. There are thousands more to choose from, and no matter your budget or where you are in the country, you’re sure to find something that will please both your wallet and your taste buds.