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Revolut acquires Nobly to expand services to the hospitality sector


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Set Your Sights on Success By Reducing Your Stress Levels

By Julie Morris   Is stress getting in the way of achieving your goals?  Even if you feel like filling your moments with meetings, travel, negotiations and deadlines are the key to conquering your tas...

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Business data

The Best States For Socially Conscious Business

Want to work for a socially conscious company? Here's our definitive ranking of the best and worst states for socially responsible business. Find out where your state ranks.  

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Business bar

Five ways to manage your bar's inventory better

Bar inventory management: not a phrase that most owners get excited about. It’s more likely to make you feel exhausted just thinking about it.   A poor stock management system means working long hours...

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Want repeat customers? Here's three ways to get people coming back for more.

Getting new customers costs more than keeping return customers. That’s a fact.  

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Business data tech

Quickbooks vs. Xero: the ultimate comparison guide 2018

On the face of it, Quickbooks Online and Xero are pretty similar. They’re both cloud-based accountancy packages that do pretty much everything a small business or sole trader could need. You can use t...

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Business bar

Seven steps to running a successful bar

You might mix the best martini in town, but that doesn’t matter if you’re struggling to keep the lights on. No matter whether you’re running a backroom speakeasy, a neighbourhood pub, or the most upma...

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Business coffee shop cafe

Five steps to scaling up your coffee shop business

First your local high street, then the world. You’ve been running your coffee shop for a while now, and it’s a success — such a success that you’re thinking of opening a new branch. But scaling up a b...

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epos barbershop Business

Barbershop EPOS: The must-read guide (2018 version)

It’s 2018, and if you’re not using an EPOS to run your barbershop, you’re missing a trick.   Businesses that have adopted EPOS systems saw an average 17.4% increase in sales.   And 85% of businesses p...

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Business Food Restaurant

How to write a menu that works for your business

How do you get your restaurant’s customers to spend more money? All you need to do is follow these six steps to write a menu that tantalises your customer and sells more food.

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