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Josh Phillips
July 12, 2018

What EPOS system should I use for my cafe?

A thriving café needs to have all its systems running smoothly to keep up with customer demand. While your coffee grinders, machines, and of course your baristas are all important, nothing will impact the day-to-day running of your café quite like your point of sale system.



An EPOS will handle all your cash and card transactions quickly and seamlessly, but that’s not all it does. Modern EPOS systems utilise the latest technology to give you the inside info on your business. This means you get access to your sales reports, data, orders, and inventory management at the touch of a button.


Most modern EPOS systems run on iPads, so they’re perfectly portable and easy to integrate with other apps. You can choose to have your iPad fixed to a till point or invest in a device for every member of your team, so they can take orders as they move around the café floor.

Why use an iPad EPOS system?

system_small_jpegAn iPad EPOS is designed to replace a traditional till system. However, instead of just ringing up an order and telling you what change to give the customer, an iPad EPOS will help you control every aspect of your business. You can send orders to the bar with dedicated receipt printers, load transactions to your card reader, and track customer data and loyalty points to help build a loyal customer-base.


What’s more, another obvious benefit to using an iPad EPOS system is that your staff members are already familiar with Apple hardware. This means there is no time-consuming training or onboarding; the app is intuitively designed for iOS users. 

The best EPOS software for cafes

free-demoiPad EPOS systems are used by all kinds of businesses, however, there are a variety of software packages to choose from. Each one has functions designed to fulfil the needs of different sectors such as retail, e-commerce, and hospitality.


If you run a café, you’ll need to find an EPOS software that offers customisable table maps, easy ordering, real-time inventory and ingredients tracking. Your hardware also needs to be lightweight, portable, and easy to move between café tables.


There is certainly no shortage of iPad EPOS solutions on the market that will fulfil your business needs at a basic level. However, many of these apps are geared towards retail businesses, or else they lack the functions needed to operate a busy café.

Why Nobly?

Nobly POS was built for the hospitality sector; it has all the features you need to run a busy lunch or dinner service. Its interface is intuitive and effortless, and the hardware is both affordable and reliable.


Of all the EPOS systems on the market, Nobly has the highest TrustPilot rating of any other software. Logging in and setting up your day couldn’t be easier — simply click on the EPOS app on your iPad and get ready to start service. 


Nobly features

Nobly-Back-OfficeNobly provides complete visibility over your café, with automated software that backs up to a cloud-based back office. The benefits of using this software in place of other providers include:

Fast and seamless transactions

flat-designed-concepts---colorYour staff can use Nobly to process card and contactless payments, as well as cash, store credit, and much more besides. Plus, you can also send customer bills directly from your POS system to your card terminal, making card transactions swift and ultra-simple. Nobly ensures that all transactions are fast and hassle-free, so that your café can maintain a high turnover.


Fully featured offline mode

If you’re a mobile café or have unreliable Internet, Nobly features an offline mode, which means all your transaction data will automatically sync with the cloud once your iPad gets back online. Offline mode means that your service needn’t be constrained by spotty Wi-Fi.

Intuitive table map

free-demoWith the help of free-roaming tablets, you can take a customer’s order at their table and sent their ticket straight to the kitchen or bar. Nobly understands that a café needs a quick and regular turnover, so to speed up service and minimise mistakes, quick and simple table service is a great benefit to your establishment. See what’s happening in your café at a glance, or view a table’s orders on the iPad interface. When the layout of your café changes, you can simply split and combine tables or drag and drop them to match your floor plan.

No unnecessary features

All of Nobly’s features are built with hospitality businesses in mind; therefore, the software won’t slow down your system with unnecessary bells and whistles. Easily check your end of day reports, see the ingredients you have used or are yet to make use of, and reward your customers with simple loyalty schemes your wait staff can follow with minimal hassle.

Back office analytics

8009 - Statistical Analysis-1No café owner wants to spend unnecessary time in the office. With Nobly’s powerful back office, you can automate your processes and get real-time data and reports with a cloud-based suite. Nobly's back office function generates 32 different reports, allowing you to dive deeper into individual sales. What’s more, you can track each sale by products, staff members, category and more.

Industry standard hardware

Nobly provides all the kit you need, so you can sail through a busy breakfast or lunch service. You can purchase high-value hardware bundles with industry-standard wireless or wired printers, integrated card readers, and secure and stable Heckler iPad stands.

24/7 customer support

Nobly will help you through the EPOS set up and provides 24/7 support at no extra cost as part of the standard license fee


When it comes to your café, Nobly’s iPad POS is the best point of sale solution to help you run your business. Built with hospitality — and only hospitality — in mind, Nobly’s perfect for cafes, restaurants and bars, which rely on easy-to-use and reliable EPOS hardware and software to ensure smooth sailing and satisfied customers.