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Team Nobly
June 12, 2018

Why an iPad POS is better than traditional Point of Sale systems

We all know small and independent businesses are faced with hard choices everyday, but the consequences of choosing the wrong Point of Sale system can have long term detrimental effects on your customer experience and profitability.


While there are a number of considerations to make when selecting the right POS system, for both retail and hospitality businesses, there are some clear benefits to choosing an iPad solution over traditional POS terminals.



credit-card-terminal-cut-out-iA shocking 90% of small business failures in the UK are attributed to poor cash flow management. Retailing at roughly 33% less than traditional POS systems, an iPad POS solution affords small and independent businesses an opportunity to benefit from innovative technology without damaging their cash flow.


And why would you?


iPad Point of Sale offers all the functionality of a touch screen terminal at a fraction of the price. A more manageable initial outlay also sees a quicker return on your investment, allowing you to reinvest the cash fuelling further growth.


Future-proof your business

iPads aren't just cheaper than proprietary EPOS hardware — they last longer, too. Apple products are built to last: you can expect an iPad to last for four or five years.


And unlike a touchscreen POS system, if something does happen to your iPad, you can find another on the high street for a few hundred pounds — something you can't say for a touchscreen. By contrast, if your touchscreen breaks or develops an error, you could find yourself having to shell out thousands for a new POS.

Don't get tied down

When you go with an iPad POS system, you're buying into Apple's huge app market. This means that, no matter what iPad POS app you buy, you always have the option to delete it and download another. You can't say that about a touchscreen POS, where the software tends to be bundled in with the hardware and all-but-impossible to change.


And, as an added bonus, you get an iPad you can watch Netflix on.

Streamlined service

Britons are famed for their love of queuing and yet six minutes is the longest we're prepared to wait. A quick and efficient service is the ideal way to encourage customers to visit again. Where are your pain points and how can you solve them?


Want to take orders at the table? Check stock levels on the shop floor? With iPad POS there’s no need to traipse back and forth to the stock room or take orders with a pen and paper.All the information is where you need it, at the tips of your fingers.


Using an iPad POS ensures orders go through to the kitchen or bar before the waiter has even left the table. Retail staff can answer customer enquiries from where they stand.


Portable, lightweight and easy to use, your staff are empowered to serve customers faster, reducing queues, removing frustrations and improving the customer experience.


Mobile and flexible

2At home, technology users are increasingly shunning desktops and laptops in favour of tablets.




The convenience and ease of having a computer in the palm of your hand.


Traditional POS systems are great in the same way that your desktop PC is great, but it can’t offer the same mobile experience as iPad POS. This type of hardware also offers more versatility and flexibility over larger terminal devices.


Simply dock your iPad into a Heckler stand to transform your tablet into a stationary and secure POS service point. It’s the best of both worlds.


User Experience

Ever used an Apple product? Chances are your staff have, too. We’re all using this technology in our homes, so why not embrace it in your business?


Many business owners are reluctant to adopt new systems, intimidated by threat of the unknown. An intuitive, easy to use POS interface on a familiar device means users are fluent on the system in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for long and laborious staff training.



calculation-1We’ve already established iPad POS solutions are lightweight, affordable and easy to use. These are the very attributes that make them infinitely scalable, perfect for a growing business.


As your operation grows, so does your requirement for space, staff and the tools they need to help run your business smoothly. If you find demand requires you to have five iPads not one, the low price point means you can comfortably meet those increasing needs.


If you pursue a traditional POS system and need to expand, you will not only need more space for the additional terminals but you also need to foot the hefty bill attached.



Let's face it, as shallow as it might be to admit, looks do matter. If you want your business to be associated with the newest most innovative tech, a tablet is the way to go.


A bulky, frumpy looking terminal taking up half your counter just isn't going to cut it when your brand demands sleek, modern and new. Accessible and sophisticated tech from Apple, who are famed for their ‘cool’, tells your customers all they need to know, you’re ready for business.


The last word…

Choosing a Point of Sale solution from which to run your business is no mean feat. With such a heavy time and monetary investment, choosing the right technology is essential to supporting your business growth.


iPad POS systems affords you all the insight of a traditional POS system with the ability to be where your customer needs you, by their side.


If you’d like more information on how an iPad POS system could benefit your business, get in touch with our specialist POS consultants here.