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No Fuss Cafe POS Systems

Easy to use & affordable Point of Sale systems for your cafe or coffee shop

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Fuel your customers' coffee cravings.

When you're facing the morning rush, your Point of Sale system needs to keep pace. With an intuitive interface and blazing-fast transactions, Nobly is the quickest and easiest POS system for your cafe.

An intuitive interface and powerful features

  • Sales & Inventory Reports

    Get in-depth insights about your coffee shop with Nobly’s powerful Back Office. Track sales by product, category, staff member, and much more.

  • Integrated Payments

    Send payments directly from your till system to your card terminal. No fussing, no fumbling. Just ultra-fast, ultra-simple transactions.

  • Loyalty & Rewards

    Get to know your customers. Track their purchases, send promotions and keep them coming back for more.

  • Tabs and Table Service

    See what’s happening at a glance, or drill down into a table’s orders. Split and combine tables, and drag and drop tables to match your floorplan.

  • Barista Printers

    Get coffee or kitchn orders where they need to go in a flash with dedicated station printers, and Nobly’s Order Display Unit. Never lose an order again.

  • Inventory tracking

    Don’t waste time counting beans. Nobly’s cloud-based Back Office shows you what you’re using and what stock you’ve got, in real-time.

The Blonde Beans cafe

The Blonde Beans, Austria

Anna, co-founder

“Nobly has been perfect for us! Amazingly helpful customer service and very easy to get set up! I´ve recommended it to other coffee shops already and they have had the same great experience!”

Hart's Bakery Bristol

Hart’s Bakery, Bristol

Pete Young, co-owner

“The perfect iPad POS system for our growing business. We are a very busy cafe and retail space, and Nobly has just the right amount of functionality for the speed and level of service we require.”

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