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The simplest, quickest
POS for your cafe

Keep pace with the morning rush

Nobly’s speedy interface allows you to add variations and corrections to orders at the touch of a button. Send tickets ahead to your baristas before payment so there’s minimum waiting time for your customers.

Get up to date
in minutes

Our familiar iPad-based software is super intuitive and easy to learn. Your staff, even the newbies, can be up to speed and ready to work in a matter of minutes.

Build a community
around your business

Our loyalty app makes it easy to reward your favourite customers for coming back, while gift cards encourage new ones in.

“I basically didn’t have to do any staff training...we told our staff we got a new system and then pretty quickly they were showing us how it worked rather than the other way round”

Juliet, Founder, Jaz&Juls

Save time and money with Nobly's powerful features

  • 1orders.png

    Complicated orders made simple.

    Add variations and modifiers to items with just a tap.

  • 2takeways.png

    Takeaways at the touch of a button.

    Choose between eat-in and takeaway at the press of a switch.

  • 3flexible.jpg

    Flexible ordering. Super-fast transactions.

    Nobly gives you the flexibility you need to manage a busy rush.

  • 4send.png

    Send tickets where they need to go.

    Get orders to the kitchen in a flash with dedicated Kitchen and Station printers.

  • 5integrated.jpg

    Integrated payments. No fuss

    Send payments directly from your POS system to your card terminal.

  • 6sales.jpg

    Sales and inventory reports.

    Get in-depth insights about your Coffee Shop with Nobly's powerful back office.

The Blonde Beans cafe

The Blonde Beans, Austria

Anna, co-founder

“Nobly has been perfect for us! Amazingly helpful customer service and very easy to get set up! I´ve recommended it to other coffee shops already and they have had the same great experience!”

Hart's Bakery Bristol

Hart’s Bakery, Bristol

Pete Young, co-owner

“The perfect iPad POS system for our growing business. We are a very busy cafe and retail space, and Nobly has just the right amount of functionality for the speed and level of service we require.”

Get started with Nobly in 3 easy steps

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    Speak to our team of experts and get the right POS system for your business

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    Get connected

    Download the app and connect your iPad to your hardware

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    Get going

    Start selling and grow your business with Nobly