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Inventory Management

Track all your stock at the tap of a button

Quickly add or edit product pricing & stock levels

Full inventory management allows you to easily keep track of your stock levels any time, any where. Nobly will give you the inventory reports you need so you can spend less time taking stock and more time growing your business.

  • At the tap of a button

    Easily keep track of your stock levels any time, any where. Save time by completing stock checks and updating inventory levels with just a few clicks.

  • Never run out of stock

    Quickly see what stock is getting low and how much needs to be re-order, making sure you never run out. Set reminders to restock so you never run out.

  • More time!

    Nobly brilliantly manages lengthy tasks like stock takes, enabling you to focus on running your business and keeping customers coming back for more.

  • Bulk import

    Hundreds of products with variants? No problem, Nobly allows you to upload your entire inventory in one go!

  • Easy management

    Track the progression of your stock at a glance. No need for time consuming stock takes.

  • Smart insights

    View sales reports to find out more about your stock. Quickly see what is selling well, what isn’t and how you can improve.

  • Best-sellers

    See which products are selling the best, and view those that aren’t, so you can better manage your menu

  • Always on!

    Set reminders when you are running low so you never run out of your best sellers.

  • Categorise your stock

    Organise and break down your products into categories and departments to simplify reporting and and provide better insights.

Complete inventory and ingredient control

Keep shelves stocked and supply more of the products your customers love

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