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Loyalty & Rewards

Build your brand and encourage repeat customers

Pictured above: Black Cab Cafe, London

Loyalty Product Example

Get to know your customers

  • Learn more about your customers using custom designed loyalty cards that show off your brand.
  • Track your customers current Loyalty progress and rewards.
  • Discover your most loyal and returning customers.

Loyalty Schemes

  • Reward customers for showing loyalty to your brand
  • Keep customers coming back
  • Create a brand with a permanent customer base from which to build
  • Easy to set up integrated loyalty schemes
  • Personalise your loyalty scheme to your business
Loyalty Schemes Example

Turn new customers into loyal customers

Nobly allows you to set up personalised loyalty schemes so you can spread the love and reward your customers for showing loyalty to your brand. Discounts and special offers mean customers keep on coming back. Setting up Loyalty schemes is a brilliant way to expand and grow a strong customer base.

Retain your customers

  • Build a connection with your customers and make them feel appreciated - who doesn’t love to be rewarded?
  • Nobly’s built in loyalty schemes makes tracking the benefits of rewarding your customers clear and simple. With multiple ways to set them up you can personalise and perfect how to get your customers back through the door.