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Intelligent Reporting

See what’s going on in store, when you’re not in store. Powerful reports allow you to make more informed decisions.

Your business numbers, simplified

Nobly’s in depth reports gives you all the information you need in an instant. Check out and compare your best sellers, your busiest hours, stock level and more. Dive in deeper and download your sales spreadsheets or export your sales information directly into our accounting integrations.

  • Reports

    See daily sales, taxes and sales by Product, Category and Location.

  • Inventory Reports

    All your inventory and ingredients in one place.

  • End of Day Reports

    Close your register and check your numbers daily.

  • Staff Reports

    Track your staff performance and timesheets.

Reports made easy

View all your key sales reports with the touch of a button.

Nobly’s easy to use BackOffice lets you know exactly what you are selling and when.

Export your sales data to your PC or directly into Xero or Quickbooks.

Understand exactly what is going on in your business and carry out data analytics to make the most informed decision.

Better understand your business

Informed decisions for optimum results

Nobly provides you with detailed reports and powerful insights to ensure you can make the most informed decisions about your business. Hourly reports allow you to see exactly when you need to get in an extra pair of hands or increase your stock.

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