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Table Service

Better service with Nobly's fast and easy to use table layout

Easily customize your table layout for your busy restaurant

Table layouts that match your restaurant floor. Table statuses to speed up service. Quick printing options to streamline your order flow. Let Nobly take the stress out of your table service, so you can spend less time locating a table and more time serving your customer.

  • Table Management

    Easily customise your table layout to match your restaurant. Tap to change table size and angle, drag the table to it's exact location. Staff members can instantly find the table they need.

  • Tableside Ordering

    Nobly allows for orders to be taken at the table. Set up each new dining group with their own unique table. Take the iPad to them, take their order and set up their tab.

  • Items to Kitchen

    Speed up service and remove mistakes. Once you have taken an order on the iPad send the receipt directly to the kitchen so they can get it prepared instantly.

  • Table Status

    Set the availability status of each table, allowing your staff to quickly check realtime status and seat guests. View the payment status of each table and track who’s pending to pay.

  • Split Payments

    Split payments allow bills to be paid by multiple customers. Give your customers a quick and hassle free payment experience by being flexible enough to take payments any way.

  • Tables Reporting

    Nobly’s in depth reporting gives you a breakdown of all your key sales information. Check out your best sellers, best trading hours and even which table is the most used.

Table layout that's simple and powerful

Quickly add, edit or remove tables and set up multiple areas in your restaurant.

Clear and simple table layouts ensures your staff spend less time tapping and more time serving.

Instantly send food and drink orders directly to the kitchen, bar and barista printer to ensure a swift service.

Table service as it should be

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