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Turn your iPad into an POS system

From $708 a year per register, no hidden costs, no monthly fees

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The iPad POS System built to grow your business

  • A streamlined payment process for fast transactions
  • Back Office reports and modules to make running your business that little bit easier
  • No hidden costs. Your subscription includes access to all software features, updates and any support you need
  • Compatible with all major hardware suppliers. No restrictions

Hardware to turn your iPad into the complete POS System

At Nobly, we understand that each business is different. We provide a range of hardware solutions to give you the perfect point of sale till solution for your business. We provide POS card readers, printers, scanners, iPad stands and receipt rolls, so that with the guidance of our support team you can create a bespoke customer bundle to meet your specific business needs.

Get started with Nobly in 3 easy steps

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    order pos


    Speak to our team of experts and get the right POS system for your business.

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    ipad point of sale

    Get connected

    Download the app and connect your iPad to your hardware<./p>

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    Get going

    Start selling and grow your business with Nobly.

Why Nobly POS?

  • Award winning support
  • Easy to use software that’s tailored to your business needs
  • Scalable and designed to grow with your business
  • Unlike other POS providers, there are no hidden costs. For $708 per year you get all the Nobly front of house functionality and Back Office software plus support
  • Compatible with all major hardware suppliers. No restrictions

Integrations with the best accountancy packages

Connect your Quickbooks or Xero account with Nobly in a matter of seconds, saving you hours of work each month. Just another way Nobly helps you better manage your business, so you can spend more time growing it.

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Key Features to help grow your business

Nobly integrates with a number of quick and reliable payment methods, making the transaction process seamless and turning your iPad into a till. Faster transactions means more transactions and more transactions means business growth. With integrated payments you can zoom through multiple transactions per minute. The easy to use iPad POS software means that you and your staff can be trained and start selling within minutes.

Nobly’s easy to use iPad POS software allows staff to get out from behind the till to take process orders faster at a table or walk the shop floor. Table service has never been simpler with Nobly’s software allowing you to set up each new dining group with their own unique table and tab. By using a lightweight iPad as your point of sale system, you and your staff can get amongst your customers to provide improved customer service and make transactions all at the same time.

Full Inventory Management allows you to easily keep track of your stock levels any time, any where. Nobly will give you the inventory reports you need so you can spend less time taking stock and more time growing your business.

Nobly allows you to set up personalised Loyalty Schemes so you can spread the love and reward your customers for showing loyalty to your brand. Discounts and special offers keep customers coming back. Setting up Loyalty Schemes is a simple and brilliant way to expand your customer base to grow your business.

Offline Mode ensures you’re always able to take payments and make transactions. Perfect if your business is on the move or your connection isn’t all that reliable. Offline Mode gives you the freedom and security to carry on with your growing business, whatever the circumstances.

Start growing your business today

With Nobly POS you can get up and running right away; our intuitive easy to use software works seamlessly on your iPad so that you and your staff can get started right away. These features streamline the running of your business making your life that little bit easier. We pride ourselves on the fact that unlike other providers there are no hidden costs. For $708 annually, you get access to all the front and back office features plus award winning support. This works out at just $59 per month.

The Fellowship Barber, Surrey

The Fellowship Barbershop, Surrey

Tommy Steppel, Manager

“Every little bit of information I’ve ever needed, or any little question I’ve ever asked has been answered. From signing up, setting up, and then day to day running of the system, they have been there to help. Brilliant company. Brilliant system”

Can I use Nobly Point of Sale on my iPad?

Yes! Nobly is the iPad point of sale solution. The sleek, lightweight design of an iPad is your perfect tool for POS. The intuitive, lightweight design means that you and your staff will be comfortable using it on the shop floor or anywhere where you’re on the move. Our iOS software is easy to use for you and your staff, you can get Nobly running in minutes by downloading our app.

How much does an iPad POS system cost?

From £39 a month for each register subscription, just £468 for the year saving you £240 against our monthly subscription. If you would like the like the flexibility of a monthly subscription our software is just £59 a month. For this you get all of the front office and back office software plus support. No add ons. No hidden costs. Prices are exclusive of VAT.

What is point of sale?

The software and hardware allowing you to make transactions and simplify the running of your business with automated back office reporting. Also known as POS, EPOS, IPOS and MPOS. Confusing right?!

Why should I choose Nobly over other point of sale providers?

There are a lot of point of sale providers but thankfully for you it's the simple things that make Nobly stand out. With Nobly there are no hidden costs, many of our competitors charge extra for additional back office features or support. All of our front and back office features plus support is included. Our support is award winning. We care about your business and are always happy to help. Our payment process is the most intuitive and easy to use. By keeping it streamlined, you can process transactions more quickly. Vital during busy periods to reduce any customer waiting times.

Does Nobly work with accounting systems?

Yes! One of Nobly’s great features is that you can connect your Quickbooks or Xero account with Nobly in a matter of seconds, so there’s no need for you to manually export or import data. This means less time doing back office admin mean and more taking making sales.

Does Nobly POS work offline?

It certainly does! Nobly POS can be used without an internet connection. This means you won’t miss out on a sale. This great feature is ideal if you sell on the go or your internet is just a bit naff. And don’t worry, your reports will update to. When you reconnect to the internet, your sales data will sync with your BackOffice. Hey presto - fully up to date reports.

How do I set up my iPad POS system? And, how do I connect my POS system to my hardware?

Honestly, it’s really simple. Download the Nobly App from the App Store. Then connect your iPad to your receipt printer using your iPad’s lightning cable. Next, connect your printer to your cash draw. Away you go. If you run into any problems, we are always happy to help. Please contact us directly to help you get set up at support@noblypos.com or +44 (0) 20 0333 0344

Is Nobly compatible with my existing hardware?

We’re really focused on making sure Nobly works with all the main hardware providers. This means it’s easy to connect your printer, card reader, scanner or cash draw. If you’re unsure, pick up the phone. Our support team are always happy to help +44 (0) 20 0333 0344

How can I see the Nobly software in action?

We love demonstrating our software to customers so you can see for yourself how intuitive and easy to use it really is, we’ll run you through all of Nobly’s features and reports. Together, we’ll make sure our features are a great fit for your business. Speak to our team to arrange a personalised demo just for you.