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Looking for an iPad POS for
your hospitality business?

Nobly could be for you.

Learn and teach in minutes
If you've ever used an Apple product you're already halfway towards mastering Nobly. What if you haven't? We prioritise simplicity to make your life as easy as possible.
Seamless setup
Already got an iPad? Simply download the app, plug into your hardware and you're ready to go. You'll have a dedicated account manager to put together your menu and help you with any questions you might have.
Customised to your business
Not much space? iPad hardware takes up minimal room. If you're a table service establishment, your servers will appreciate light, portable iPads to take orders on. Plus, it's super easy to scale. Add on an extra register when you need one for as little as £25.
Nobly: the iPad
POS system for your
  • Built only for hospitality.
    Every update is made with you in mind- and you won't be paying for features your business doesn't need.
  • Focus on what's important.
    Nobly's automatic end of day reports and features such as ingredient tracking cut down on admin time.
  • Transparent pricing.
    Our pricing is all-inclusive, meaning you'll never have to pay more for extra features.
Still not sure?
Book a free 5 minute consultation
to see how Nobly can help
your business.