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Take your kitchen
to the next level
User friendly interface, color-coded to help staff
see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go.
Manage your kitchen
in real-time
Nobly’s dedicated Kitchen Display System means
you’re always on top of orders. No need to shout
across a busy kitchen or deal with tickets getting wet, dirty, and hard to read. Display your
orders onscreen, as soon as they’re rung up, in the
order in which they need to go out.
Big Parties
Stay on top
of large orders
Large orders displayed simply, detailed view
of every order including changes, voids and
ticket time.
Busy service
No sweat
Each ticket is timed, meaning you can see what
needs to go out and when. Switch between open
tickets and closed orders to see what’s been sent
out to customers and what hasn’t.

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