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Order Display Unit

Never miss an order with Nobly.

Nobly Order Display Unit on iPad

Manage your kitchen in real-time.

Nobly’s dedicated Order Display Units mean you’re always on top of orders. No need to shout across a busy kitchen or scribble on cups. Display your orders onscreen, as soon as they’re rung up, in the order they need to go out.

Busy services.
No sweat.

Each ticket is timed, meaning you can see what needs to go out and when. Switch between open tickets and closed orders to see what’s been sent out to customers and what hasn’t.

No Wi-Fi.
No Worries.

You don’t need Wi-Fi in your location to use Nobly’s Order Display Units. The ODU works using your iPad’s local network, meaning you aren’t tied down by slow or unreliable Wi-Fi.

Multiple stations,
multiple screens.

Need food orders to go to the kitchen, but drink tickets to go to the bar? No sweat. Install multiple ODUs for different stations, and send orders where they need to go in a flash.

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