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POS Software for growing your business

Process transactions, view sales reports and manage your stock.
Simply and easily, all from your iPad

Fast Transactions

Nobly is compatible with a wide variety of quick and reliable payment partners, making the transaction process seamless and turning your iPad into a till. 

The easy to use iPad EPOS software means you and your staff can be trained and start selling within minutes.

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Take Stock

Automated inventory management allows you to easily keep track of your stock levels any time, anywhere. By linking inventory management to your payment process there is no need to spend hours taking stock counts.

At the tap of a button you can update inventory levels when new stock arrives, Nobly will even remind you when to restock so that you never run out.

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Create Loyalty

Managing and maintaining relationships with customers is key to keep customers coming back. Increase the lifetime value of your customers and increase your long term sales.

Setting up Loyalty Schemes is a simple and brilliant way to expand your customer base to grow your business. What’s more, Nobly works if you have multiple locations, allowing for customer loyalty schemes to be in place across each outlet.

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Make Informed Decisions

Access automatically generated reports on the go. See the latest sales figures, inventory levels or staff performance. Break your reports down by product, store, day of the week to gain some insight and work out where the opportunities lie.

Use the data to make more informed, fact based business decisions. You can even export your data to your PC or automatically sync to accounting software such as Xero or Quickbooks.

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The point of sale software
for your business needs

Pictured above: BOXPARK Croydon, London

Enterprise Payments

Sell Offline

Nobly POS works offline so there’s no need to worry about missed sales if your internet connection drops. Once you’re back online, all of your transactions will be synced to your BackOffice features.

This gives you the flexibility to run your business on the go and make sales anywhere. The perfect solution if you run a food truck or visit customer’s homes.

Learn more about Offline Mode

Track Ingredients

Keep your ingredients under control with ingredient tracking. Take your business's Inventory Management to the next level by setting stock levels for each of your products by ingredient, the perfect solution for your restaurant or cafe.

See which items are running low and what needs to be re-ordered so that you always have what you need for the kitchen.

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Improve Table Service

Deliver more efficient table service with easy to use features your staff will love. Take orders at the table and have them instantly sent to the kitchen, enabling service to speed up.

View table statuses to see who’s waiting to pay and easily process split payments to give your customers a hassle free experience. Create a great customer experience to keep customers coming back.

Learn More about POS Table Service Features

Automate Accounting

Already use Quickbooks or Xero? Or looking for an accounting solution? These great accounting solutions allow you to see real time cash flow, process invoices, run payroll all on the go with easy to use software.

Connect your Quickbooks or Xero account with Nobly in a matter of seconds. Nobly will sync the data to your chosen accounting package seamlessly.

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Enterprise API

POS Software that can help grow your business today!

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