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Restaurant POS system

Restaurant POS systems Affordable EPOS software

Easy-to-use restaurant POS your staff won't hate

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Restaurant POS Systems
your staff will love

Nobly's intuitive table management system and real-time ingredient tracking helps you to manage busy services. Our restaurant POS system features allow you to get an overview of your business at a glance or drill down into individual customers’ orders. Your license includes access to all the POS software features, updates, and any support you need.

  • Sushi

  • BBQ

  • Pizza

  • Vegan

  • Mexican

  • Ramen

  • Brunch

  • Tapas

  • Burger

Waiter Using Nobly’s Restaurant iPad POS System

Save time and money with Nobly's powerful features for restaurants

We have spent years developing and designing the perfect restaurant  POS system. We have added all the details a hospitality business needs  to keep things running smoothly.

From advanced table service and kitchen display units to detailed  reports and inventory tracking, our restaurant POS system features all  the important features you need for your business.

  • Table service
    made seamless

    See what’s happening in your restaurant at a glance, or drill  down into a table’s orders. Split and combine tables, and drag and drop tables to match your floor plan.

  • Lightning-fast

    Nobly’s restaurant POS helps front-of-house and kitchen  staff communicate better with automated messages and Kitchen Display Units that show what’s being ordered in real  time.

  • The flexibility you need to
    run your restaurant

    Want to give your waiters iPads? Want to send drink orders straight to  the bar? Nobly can do that. Our hassle free POS system helps your front  of house team work more efficiently with fewer mistakes.

  • The information you need it,
    where you need it

    Get orders from front-of-house to the kitchen in a flash with dedicated  Kitchen and Station printers, and Nobly’s new Kitchen Display Unit. Never  lose an order again.

  • Sales and inventory

    Get in-depth insights about your business with Nobly’s powerful back  office. The Nobly system can track sales by product, category, staff  member, and much more.

  • Security made

    Nobly makes staying secure easy and unobtrusive. Give each member of  staff their own dedicated account with secure passcodes and their own  permissions.

One POS system. Everything you need to run your restaurant

Hospitality EPOS is our speciality. Nobly’s loyalty programs, tableside  ordering, kitchen display units, integrated payments and digital receipts  keep your restaurant running smoothly. Our restaurant POS system  helps your team work more efficiently together and keep your customers  happy.

We built our POS software on iPad technology, devices you and your  staff will be familiar with. It’s easy to use and getting them trained and  up to speed is fast and effortless.

With convenient access to our system via your mobile phone or laptop, your business data is always at your fingertips. Plus our award winning customer support team are always on hand to give you advice when you  need them.

Nobly's Restaurant POS Till System, Desktop Back Office & App
  • Point of Sale Integrations: Xero, Deputy, QB

    Our POS system pulls in data from multiple sources and has many  seamless integrations with industry-leading software like Xero,  QuickBooks and Deputy.

    Nobly’s Restaurant POS Integrations With Xero, QuickBooks, Deputy, MarketMan & More
  • Restaurant POS Reporting

    Nobly’s powerful restaurant POS system reporting and analytics is  invaluable. It has all the insights you need in one place to make good  decisions for your business.

    Nobly’s Restaurant Web POS System Reporting Back Office
  • Restaurant POS Mobile Reports

    Always on the go? No problem! You can access your business' reports  on your mobile from anywhere in the world using Nobly's cloud-based  Back Office.

    Nobly’s Restaurant Mobile POS System Reports
  • Restaurant POS Kitchen Display Unit

    Keep your front of house staff and your kitchen in sync seamlessly. With  our kitchen display units you can see everything that's being ordered in  real time.

    Nobly’s Restaurant POS System Kitchen Display Unit
  • Integrated Payments

    Nobly integrated POS payments speed up transaction times. Our  restaurant POS system allows you to send payments directly from the  POS to your card reader. 

    Nobly’s Restaurant iPad & Mobile POS Till System Integrated Payments Card Reader
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“It's like having another manger there...Nobly's in the back counting everything for you”

Zack, Owner
Texas Land and Cattle

“With Nobly you can keep everything on the system, so you can go back to it, you can make changes, you can add more to it. I also like the fact that you can do the stock control. It’s very easy to navigate and it’s very self explanatory. It’s beautiful!”

Maurillo, Owner
Carioca, Brazilian Restaurant

“We’ve used the Nobly POS from the start. A cool feature that we use is how we can add customer details into the system, and we can see how often they come in and what they buy, so if we want to get in touch with them, or market to them, we know how to do that.”

Nidhi, Owner
90 Degree Melt, Vegetarian American Diner

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See for yourself how easy our restaurant POS system is to use for  yourself...
What makes Nobly POS so well-suited for restaurants? 

We designed our POS system with the restaurant industry in mind. That’s  why you’ll find it includes all the important features that your business  needs to run smoothly.

We understand your needs and that’s why it’s built for speed and ease of  use, with simple and intuitive software running on world-class hardware.  Our software allows your kitchen to communicate seamlessly with your  front of house staff. With Nobly you can deliver first class table service  to your customers in an efficient and timely manner.

There are so many EPOS systems out there: how’s Nobly different?

The EPOS market is a crowded one, but Nobly is the only EPOS system  that is custom-built to work with restaurants. This means you're only  paying for features that your restaurant needs.

Do I have to source all the hardware myself?

Nope. Nobly offers a variety of hardware bundles, and we can tailor-make you a hardware package to suit your needs.

Can Nobly help me with table management? 

Yes. Nobly has robust table management features. See what’s  happening in your restaurant at a glance or drill down into orders by  table and by customer, all with just a tap.

Will Nobly take forever to set up?

Nobly is quick and easy to set up. Simply download the Nobly app from the App Store, connect your hardware, and you’re ready to roll.

Can I use my existing hardware with Nobly?

If you’re already using an iPad-based POS system, then any existing hardware should work just fine. If you’ve got any questions, just give us a call.

My internet isn’t the best. Can I still use Nobly?

Yes, you can. Nobly has an Offline Mode, which records all your transactions and then syncs everything once you’re back online. You won’t even notice.

Where can I see the system in action?

You can see the system from the comfort of your own home! Just call our Sales team to book your 15-minute demo.