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Our 121 Ultimate
Food Blogs For 2018
(for serious foodies only!)

Looking for some food inspiration? We've got just the thing.

There’s a whole lot of food blogs out there but we’ve found the best of the best for foodies like you.
In this list you’ll find everything from recipes you can whip up after work to fine dining, and from virtuous veggie dishes to tasty international cuisine.

No matter whether you’re looking to whip up something quick and simple, or a virtuoso showstopper, or you’re just searching for some great food writing and photography, Nobly POS has something here for you.

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Image from Love, Cake

She Who Eats

Chika is runs this baking blog all the way from Japan, and is even kind enough to translate it into English. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity- the page features epic roundups of the seasonal sweet treats Chica’s been experimenting with over the year, woven into descriptions and photographs of the landscape: a food blogger truly connected to the world around her. 

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A Classic Twist

Zainab of A Classic Twist builds her blog around her community: she’s recently started expanding her recipe repertoire to include savoury dishes as well as sweet, and a handy ‘how-to’ section to build up the confidence of cooks of every ability. And the cooking? You can expect treats such as a Blood Orange Meringue Pie with a Coconut Crust and Hibiscus Madeleines.

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Love, Cake

Love, Cake is a simple, stylish site with mouth-watering food photography. How did Sam choose the name for her blog? Her thinking was that “wouldn’t everyone want to receive a letter from Cake signed with love?”. If that isn’t charming enough, her recipes- Hazelnut cake with chocolate sour cream frosting and Creme Brulee Cream Puffs for starters- certainly are.

Follow Samantha Seneviratne on Instagram and Twitter.

The Perfect Loaf

As you might expect, The Perfect Loaf was created out of Italian-born Maurizio’s passion for baking the perfect sourdough at home. His site is highly technical, detailing how to store your sourdough starter and a schedule to allow you to bake at weekends. The recipes, ranging from beginners sourdough to porridge loaves, ensure that there’s a bread to make for everyone.

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A Pastry Affair

Another interesting name here: one that reveals that Kristin was meant to be an astroparticle physicist before she fell in love with pastry. While she’s found her way back to physics by teaching it to high school students, Kristin’s blog remains dedicated to her delicious affair with pastry and all things sweet. Her vast selection of cookies and bars means you’ll never be stuck for an afternoon pick me up again.

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My Baking Addiction

If you’re a complete baking novice and aren’t sure where to start, Jamie’s blog is the place to go. With pages devoted to baking basics, fundamentals and essentials, you’ll be set to tackle her recipes such as gingerbread with salted caramel sauce. Jamie’s also pretty into her cheesecake, recently experimenting with more outrageous forms- Sweet potato cheesecake sounds weird but looks delicious.

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Forever Baking

Emma loves baking because there’s endless amounts ‘to do and learn’... us too! She’s currently providing the Nobly office with the ultimate Easter baking inspiration- we’re drooling over her mini Cadbury creme egg brownies and Chocolate Orange hot cross buns! For the rest of the year, Emma’s impressive cupcake recipe collection is sure to tickle your tastebuds.

Follow Emma Richards on Instagram and Twitter.

What Jessica Baked Next

Jessica Creed is a pretty impressive 21 year old- she’s already a professionally trained chef and has had her work used in BBC Good Food magazine, as well as working with prestigious companies such as Fortnum and Mason. Jessica’s love for travel means that many of her recipes have a global flavour- her Tomato parmesan focaccia brings the taste of Tuscany to England, while her Lemon herb rice has Cypriot flavours running through it. We can't wait to see what Jessica does next- definitely one of the most exciting food blogs to follow for 2018.

Follow Jessica Creed on Facebook and Instagram.

Live Well Bake Often

Who couldn’t agree with a motto like Danielle’s? She aims to bring baking to everyone with her blog full of classic crowd-pleasers, believing that “anyone, even beginners, can bake amazing desserts”- and that sharing them with friends and family is the best part. While her recipes like Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies look complicated, her writing is full of reassurances that they’re really a breeze: just what the nervous baker needs to hear.

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Butcher Baker Baby

Butcher Baker Baby is one of the best family food blogs in the UK. It started off in 2007 as a couple’s way of documenting their self-taught cooking journey. Throw in a new house and a baby and you’ve got their current blog: a mixture of life updates (check out their “make eat read go” monthly updates) and recipes. I particularly like Jules’s approach to kids in the kitchen- she’s a huge advocate of getting them in there as much as possible, which shows in her family-friendly recipes and recommendations for children’s treats.

Follow Jules on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

My Darling Lemon Thyme

Trained chef Emma Galloway used to suffer from bad eczema, have a sore tummy and serious headaches. When she had children she discovered that they, and she, had a gluten intolerance- and started My Darling Lemon Thyme as a result. Recent offerings include Gluten-free Pineapple, Lime and Coconut Delicious Puddings and Gluten-free Honey Almond Cake with Pistachios, Strawberries and Hibiscus Rose Syrup. If you’re wondering how to make your favourite sweet treats sans gluten, look no further.

Follow Emma Galloway on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

A Half Baked Idea

Even if you’re not on the hunt for recipes, Livvy Potts’ account of how she started cooking makes her blog worth visiting in itself- it manages to be both heart-rending and funny. If you are in the market for some cooking inspiration, all the better. Livvy’s currently writing a year-long series in which she approaches a new (to her) ingredient every week. If that’s not enough inspiration for you, there’s also a wealth of baked goods to try. I especially like the look of her Bacon Bread.

Follow Livvy Potts on Instagram and Twitter.

Wholly Goodness

Jessica Prescott started Wholly Goodness because she had always wanted to write a cookbook, and thought a blog was a natural stepping stone. Three cookbooks and one baby later, Wholly Goodness is brimming with wholesome vegan baking. We like the look of Jessica’s Vegan Hot Cross Buns for the upcoming Easter Holiday, or the more adventurously named F*ck Yeah Chocolate Tart- it’s sure to taste pretty special with a name like that.

Follow Jessica Prescott on Facebook and Instagram.

Baking Mischief

What was the first thing we noticed when checking out Baking Mischief? Tracy’s archive dedicated to Nerdy Recipes. If you’re looking to bake for the Game of Thrones fan in your life, or perhaps you’re a Star Wars fan in need of an out-of-this-world Frosty Bantha Milk. Elsewhere, Tracy’s created a handy roundup of her best Easy Healthy Recipes for Two, which is sure to be a winner for those not nerdily inclined.

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Eat The Love

Why does Irvin Lin love baking? Because sharing the results is letting people eat your love. If that doesn’t win you over, his recipes certainly will- Mead Poached Pear Galette with Frangipane or Orange Hazelnut Cake anyone? What makes his recipes truly stand out is the sheer beauty of his creations; if you’ve always wondered how to make a properly attractive cookie, look no further.

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Baking Bar

Born and bred in Belfast, David’s website is full of delicious baked treats like pumpkin patch cake- complete with miniature icing pumpkins- and gingerbread cookies, as well as a glimpse into Belfast’s foodie scene and reviews of sweet treats.

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She Who Bakes

Britt of She Who Bakes made her first cake from a cake mix. It was, in her own words, “awful,” but kick-started her love of baking and blogging, which she credits for helping to alleviate her depression. These days her recipes are cake mix-free and certainly look more delicious- the approach of Easter is a perfect excuse to try her Creme Egg Cookies or Mini Egg Rocky Roads.

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Baking Queen 74

Lucy of Baking Queen 74 makes amazing sweet treats such as Chocolate and Mint Aero Bubble Cake, Marshmallow Brownies and Self-Saucing Chocolate Orange Pudding. Their USP? They’re all made in the slow cooker! This, according to Lucy, leaves you to get on with other things at the same time and lessens the risk of burning, not to mention creating puddings that are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside- her recipes are a busy baker’s dream!

Follow Lucy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Loopy Whisk

Allergies? The Loopy Whisk is the place to be. Kat has a degree in Chemistry from Oxford and puts her mixing and creating knowledge to good use in catering for those after recipes free from gluten, dairy, egg, soy, nut and refined sugar, as well as vegans and Paelo-diet followers. Phew! We’re particularly taken with her brownie selection- the photos of her Sky High Marshmallow Brownies or her Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies make The Loopy Whisk one of our favourite healthy food blogs. 

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Image from The Worktop

Bitches Who Brunch

The best thing about creating a list like this is when you find a new favourite food blog: introducing the Bitches Who Brunch, Becca Clara Love and Cori Sue Morris. They tell you “where to brunch, what to wear, and where to party in New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C.” Even if you’re not based in the US, the site’s worth visiting for their hilarious, sometimes savage tales (Worst Brunches of 2017, anyone?) of brunching and boozing.

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Brunch Addict

The authors of Brunch Addict have kept themselves anonymous in their quest to review the brunches of Melbourne, allowing us to focus purely on the food. Forget sweet and savoury: this pair take their categorisation of brunch to the next level, offering no less than 13 types of brunch to explore (many of which have their own sub-categories). If that’s not dedication to the art of brunch, we don’t know what is.

Follow Brunch Addict on Instagram and Twitter.

Gals That Brunch

If you’re not US based, check out this site with extreme caution- it’s seriously envy inducing. In 2015, founder Tiffany had just moved to Virginia Beach and hosted a brunch meet-up as a way to meet new people. Today, Gals That Brunch has over 25,000 members across America. The blog records their meetups, reviews brunch spots and also features exercise and fashion tips for the brunching gal.

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Brunches of Boston

Brunches of Boston was born out of necessity: its founder, Alie, couldn’t find extensive, honest information on Boston’s best brunches, so decided to make a resource herself. Today Brunches of Boston also hosts events (that may or may not be brunch-based) around the city- another reason to be envious of those in the States! Check out the blog for fun articles like What Your Brunch Drink of Choice Says About You and 5 Ways to Add Avocado to Your Brunch.

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Lovebrunch was created by two Sydney expats dismayed by the German brunch scene. They publish unsponsored (and therefore completely honest) reviews of the best brunches in Germany and beyond. The nicest thing about their website? They only include reviews of brunches they think are good- so it’s positive vibes from here on out.

Follow Lovebrunch on Facebook and Twitter.

Poppy Loves

Ok, so Poppy Loves isn’t strictly a brunch blog- you can also come here for features on other meals of the day, not to mention lifestyle, crafts and culture. However, what Poppy Loves does have is an excellent selection of London’s best “Brekky and Brunch,” which comes complete with gorgeous photography and evocative writing- you’ll feel like you’re hanging out and eating brunch with Poppy herself. Oh, and don't miss her Insta- she's one of the best London food bloggers on Instagram. 

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The Worktop

Tina of The Worktop chooses to introduce herself with a picture of her launching a plate of waffles into a red post box- intrigued? So were we! Fortunately, it turns out her recipes live up to that first impression – her food blog is full of recipes that utterly intrigue. We’re desperate to try Magenta Pink Pickled Eggs and Roasted Pumpkin on Toast for unusual yet delicious looking brunch options.

Follow Tina Jui on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Kera Bear Eats

Sydney-based Kera is a barista, and loves to support her fellow hospitality professionals by showcasing their best work (tough job). As well as reviews of brunch spots through Australia, her blog also includes Shorts: speedy, Instagram-friendly posts with bright, fresh photography and a quick musing on whatever’s on the plate in front of her.

Follow Kera Wong on Instagram and Twitter.

Black Girls Who Brunch

Erika’s a pretty impressive woman- she manages to be an attorney and hold down a brunch blog! She launched her site when she became her friends’ go to person for eating out recommendations and realised her knowledge could be put to good use on the web. Erika’s blog has stellar brunch recommendations and reviews for Houston, and for those of us outside of Texas, recipes like Sweet Potato Honey Cornbread- yes please.

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Image from Dame Cacao

Chocolate Journalist

With a job that most people would kill for, Sharon is certainly blessed to be writing about the good stuff day-to-day. We were enthralled reading her take on chocolate flavour trends, finding out that lavender and chai are rising flavours in the chocolate world, the more you know!
She got into the chocolate game after working for a Italian food importer, she discovered craft chocolate. The sweet obsession took hold and eventually, she became a member of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association to crown it all off. Sounds like just desserts to us!

Follow Sharon Terenzi on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Chocolate, Chocolate and More

Starting a blog to bake with your children is pretty sweet, and when that blog involves chocolate, things get a whole lot sweeter!
Our favourite recipe on the blog looks at chocolate caramel monkey bread, a dish truly crafted by the dessert gods. We could think of nothing better than devoting your weekends to making all of the sweet treats listed on their blog.

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The Ultimate Chocolate Blog

Lisabeth on a mission to taste the world’s best chocolate and we think she’s getting pretty close with her blog. She’s an expert on textures, tastes and chocolate percentages, her recent post on unsweetened chocolate was a masterclass in chocolate tasting.
She’s able to blend ingredient analysis with tasting metaphors, absolutely owning what a review of chocolate should be.

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Mostly About Chocolate

Judith is definitely a jack of all trades, and a master of chocolate. Her recipe for Guittard Chocolate Berry Tary guides you through creating a dessert that will entrance anyone who tastes even a morsel.
Her specialty is in creating dishes that no chocoholic could live without, things which delight with every bite and reward with every chew.

Follow Judith Lewis on Facebook and Twitter.

Dying For Chocolate

Janet Rudolph is a chocolate-event-creating-extraordinaire, who manages to post on her blog every single day. From chocolate-related cartoons to recipes such as Kahlua Mexican Chocolate Cake, by way of chocolate and booze pairings, it’s a constant wealth of inspiration for the ultimate chocolate fan.

Follow Janet Rudolph on Twitter.

Dame Cacao

Max is a woman on a mission, and that mission is to educate the world about delicious yet sustainable chocolate. Her website features reviews of finely crafted chocolate from around the world -- from Thailand and Japan to Cuba. There’s also a wealth of informative and tantalising guides to chocolate, as well as reviews and travel writing.

Follow Max on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Oh My Goodness Chocolate Desserts

This blog is packed full of chocolatey goodness. Expect to see sweet treats like Reese’s peanut butter hearts, flourless chocolate cake, and Hershey’s chocolate cheesecake, but also a few savoury options like buffalo chicken bites. Vera’s blog does just what it says on the tin -- and that’s no bad thing.

Follow Vera Zecevic on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Ultimate Hot Chocolate

Giselle has a pretty good gig -- travelling the globe in search of the best hot chocolates the world has to offer, and writing about them. Her blog combines tantalising glimpses of some mighty fine hot chocolates along with fun travel photography and great writing. Nice work if you can get it, right?

Follow Giselle on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Chocolate Reviews

Reviewing chocolate is pretty much everyone’s dream job, and Lee McCoyland seems to have snagged it. His blog is chock-full (pun entirely intended) of exhaustive reviews of some of the finest chocolate on the planet. He goes into a level of detail that wine buffs can only dream of, assessing everything from packaging to tempering to mouthfeel and after-taste. Definitely one of the food blogs to follow to gain expert-level knowledge. 

Follow Lee McCroyland on Facebook and Twitter.

Chocablog: The Chocolate Blog

Saying you’re the chocolate blog is a bold claim, but we think Chocablog can justify it. Staffed by a worldwide team of chocophiles, Chocablog is jam-packed with reviews of chocolates from around the world, interviews with some of the biggest name in the chocolate business, and recipes like chocolate palmiers, triple chocolate brownie tart, and banana chocolate chip muffins.

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Image from The Devon Foodie

The Picky Glutton

The Picky Glutton travels around London, anonymously eating, and he writes about it. Simple. What really sets his blog apart from other food bloggers in London is the sheer detail his posts, which can can into the thousands of words, go into. Not to mention the vast range of places he visits, from holes-in-the-wall to fine dining palaces. Definitely one to bookmark and delve into when you’ve got a few hours to spare. 

Follow The Picky Glutton on Instagram and Twitter.

Bitten and Written

Pro sommelier and general vino guru Zeren Wilson writes reviews of some of the best restaurants on the British food scene like Stockport’s Where The Light Gets In, as well as top-notch wines. Bitten and Written’s reviews might not be the longest, but they’re pitch-perfect. Peppered with tantalisingly poetic descriptions and the occasional sarky zinger, Zeren Wilson’s writing is unmissable.

Follow Zeren Wilson on Instagram and Twitter.

The Devon Foodie

This perfectly-coiffed blog is a celebration of all things Devon. Based out in the West Country, Gaby Dyson and her mother delve into the classier side of the Devon restaurant and hotel scene. Think high teas from Paschoe House and tasting menus at Lympstone Manor, which are some of the West Country’s most upmarket establishments, all illustrated with lush photos. Her social presence is no less lavish: we'd go so far as to say that of all the UK food bloggers on Instagram, she's top of the pile!

Follow Gaby Dyson on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Samphire and Salsify

Lavishly illustrated with tantalising photos, Dominic’s blog takes a critical look at some of London’s glitzier restaurants. There’s regular reviews of newly-opened restaurants, along with some forgotten gems, interviews with up-and-coming chefs and restaurateurs, and a fair bit of travel writing. Note that he's also one of our favourite London food bloggers on Instagram. 

Follow Dominic on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Cheese and Biscuits

Don’t let the no-frills aesthetic of Chris Pople’s blog Cheese and Biscuits fool you. It's one of the best food blogs in the UK: he's won awards from Fortnum & Mason and was named as one of the 1000 most influential Londoners four years in a row. I’m a big fan of his thinking that the quality of the mid-range price restaurants is what reveals the quality of a dining scene; it means that his thoughtful, witty reviews cover accessible restaurants as well as luxury ones. My favourite read? His You Decide series, in which readers vote for his next visit: last year was Toby Carvery. 

Follow Chris Pople on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Image from My primrose Hill Kitchen
Easy Food

Real Food By Dad

Matt's recipes are simple, hearty and delicious. Real Food By Dad is filled with dishes like Sausage and Mushroom Breakfast Casserole and Ultimate Kids Grilled Cheese. With added parenting hints and insights into raising three boys, it’s the perfect one stop family food blog for busy mums and dads.

Follow Matt Robinson on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Gimme Some Oven

Gimme Some Oven’s creator, Ali, loves feeding good people with good food. Her blog started out as a way to organise her recipes and has gone from there. She has a pretty mega recipe index, full of dishes that are marked by difficulty and time- making it super easy for you to choose one to suit your needs.

Follow Ali Ebright on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Mummy Mishaps

Jenny of Mummy Mishaps used to run her own cafe, and now manages to fit in blogging around raising her sons. We reckon that her Slow Cooking recipes make Mummy Mishaps one of the best family food blogs in the UK. Full of delicious looking cakes (we like the look of Slow Cooker Blueberry, Lemon and Ginger Cake) and wholesome mains such as Cauliflower Chilli Con Carne, Mummy Mishaps is sure to be a lifesaver for any really busy cook: so basically, anyone and everyone!

Follow Jenny on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Fuss-Free Cooking

Everybody wants cooking to be fuss-free and with Emily Tan they’ve found their blogger. Her recent recipe for French oven-roast chicken keeps it simple when mixing a lot of veg with chicken.
She’s definitely skilled at writing recipes, and we’ve never been excited to make something as when finding out what goes into her fuss-free dishes.

Follow Emily Tan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Shaken Together

Keri’s objective for her blog is simple: “Life is short. Food is my favorite.” With words like that we can definitely get behind her no fuss recipes.
Food should be fun to make and Keri’s banana baked oatmeal cups are easy to make and look pretty tasty when munching. What more do you need from delicious food!

Follow Keri Basset on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

My Primrose Hill Kitchen

The name of the game at Anna Francesca’s blog is simple but delicious food that’s easy to prepare, and packs a punch. It’s mostly veggie and often vegan, which is a bonus for those looking to cut down on their animal product intake. Anna’s recipes draw inspiration from across the world: think Indonesian nasi goreng sitting alongside spaghetti with homemade pesto, next to a surprisingly easy boozy pear sorbet.

Follow Anna Francesca on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Two Lazy Gourmets

Robin Donovan and Juliana Gallin are the faces of Two Lazy Gourmets, a blog that’s chock-full of recipes that pack in maximum flavour with minimum effort (and washing up!). Try their Burmese garlic noodles or white bean chili chicken on for size. Or, if you’re after something sweet, what about chocolate pecan pie? If you can’t get enough, the Two Lazy Gourmets have a book out: The Lazy Gourmet: Magnificent Meals Made Easy.

Follow Robin Donovan and Juliana Gallin on Facebook and Twitter.

Lazy Sunday Cooking

If you think easy food can’t be classy, you need to check out Marta Potoczek’s blog, featuring dishes like fava bean and labneh tartine – a light and spring-y riff on beans on toast – or roasted butternut squash with lime and chilli. Lazy Sunday Cooking isn’t just focussed on cooking: the blog features lifestyle and interior inspiration. It’s all photographed beautifully, too – Marta is a professional lifestyle photographer, and she definitely brings her A-game to each and every post. 

Follow Marta Potoczek on Facebook and Instagram.

101 Cookbooks

When you’ve got a tonne of cookbooks, you should start cooking. That’s the premise behind Heidi Swanson’s blog, which features over 700 recipes, including spicy tahini noodles with roasted veg, homemade pizza dough, and cauliflower soup. She's a food blogger with something for everyone: including gluten free, vegan and low-carb dishes, to name a few.

Follow Hedi Swanson on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Two Peas & Their Pod

Two Peas & Their Pod started when Josh and Maria needed a place to share the recipes from their wedding. It’s now graduated into a full time family food blog- their Weekly Meal Plans are possible the most useful posts ever! They also “kind of” have an obsession with cookies, something we agreed with upon seeing their major cookie index- sure to please even the pickiest cookie lover!

Follow Josh and Maria on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Rachel Phipps

Fresh from the Kentish countryside, Rachel Phipps’ blog is packed full of frugal but delicious and nutritious Student Suppers. Take a look at spiced aubergine with barley, yoghurt and pomegranate or baked eggs with chickpeas, as well as reviews of cookbooks and restaurants, and indulgent cocktails like her Earl Grey French 75. Definitely one of the best food blogs to follow if you want to eat well, but not blow your budget.

Follow Rachel on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

My Fussy Eater

Ciara Attwell’s in a bind that many of us find ourselves in –– she’s got two fussy eaters. Rather than despairing, Ciara took to the internet and provides the world with weekly family meal plans and tips and tricks for feeding fussy eaters, as well as recipes for adults and kids alike.

Follow Ciara on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Image from if the spoon fits
Ice Cream

Scoop Adventures

For Lindsay, her passion for ice cream comes from visiting her local ice cream stand as a kid.
That passion turned to pursuit when she obtained an ice cream maker, and was able to make the creations she tasted in her childhood. But who gets to taste all these amazing flavours first? Why only her husband Keith, whom she's branded as the 'guinea pig' for her creations, chocolate peppermint being our personal favourite. Her blog also covers the best ice cream spots that are guaranteed taste amazing whilst giving you brain-freeze!

Follow Lindsay Celndaniel on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If The Spoon Fits

This Lindsay believes ice cream is the root of all happiness. Her heart would jump when she heard the distant melody of an ice cream truck, and nothing beat feeling the excitement of standing in line at the local spot for the first time that year, or sheer joy of that first bite on a hot summer day.
If you're not already won over by her words of whimsy then you will be by her commitment to taking the most tantalising pictures of dark chocolate chunk ice cream sandwiches. This is a happy-go-lucky blog that will melt even the most anti-ice cream of hearts.

Follow Lindsay on Instagram.

Ice Cream Inspiration

Ice Cream Inspiration allows readers to follow Melissa's journey along the path to the most delicious ice cream dishes possible.
For her, ice cream is a way of life. Her most recent discovery is German chocolate ice cream, which has been happily added to our ice cream bucket list!

Follow Melissa Howell on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Chew Town

Chew Town is Amanda's blog baby, a place where she unleashes the sweetest ice cream dishes imaginable.
She's an Australian with rich Italian heritage and this shows in the sickly but sweet ice cream creations she showcases, a gingerbread ice cream sandwich cake being our recent cavity-incoming favourite.

Follow Amanda Michetti on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

On Second Scoop

On Second Scoop is the source for ice cream reviews, covering everything from artisanal gelato's to the most fudge filled chocolate creations.
The thing that really ties their reviews together is how they describe the flavours that ice creams brings, breaking each brand down into their unique qualities. When reading this blog you know you're in for a taste treat!

Follow Dubba on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Novice Chef

Jessica is a 'trial and error' chef: she never went to culinary school but understands the essential principle that food needs to taste delicious as well as look amazing.
She makes dishes like no churn apple pie ice cream, which bring the best fruity flavours with a sweet creamy taste. It’s just delicious on so many levels.

Follow Jessica Segarra on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Scoop Squared

Alanna is the absolute sweet dream within the ice cream blogging world, she’s someone who’s insanely imaginative when creating ice cream dishes. Her recent peanut butter creation is the best example of how far she can push the boundaries of sweet taste.
The recipes can be detailed, but you’ll always be enthralled when reading about someone with so many ideas flowing in the sweet treats she makes.

Follow Alanna Rose on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Ice cream Science

Ruben founded Ice Cream Science to showcase the award-winning ice cream he makes, and his roasted almond recipe is an absolute delight of ice cream engineering.
When he’s listing a recipe he can get very technically focussed, but Ruben can be considered the Heston Blumenthal of ice cream bloggers, as the end result really is like nothing else out there.

Follow Ruben Porto on Facebook and Instagram.


Robyn runs Sweetish and she wants to let you into a secret of how amazing her dishes are: her recent chocolate chip ice cream recipe was subtitled “pssst it’s amazing!”
These aren’t your standard recipes though. Robyn gives added value by always letting you into the stories behind making the dishes, leaving you with all the feels and a sugar craving at the same time.

Follow Robyn Holland on Facebook and Instagram.


Nate’s ethos behind Creamish is all about “mouth watering ice cream that you can make at home:” ice cream bon bons, his most recent creation has us absolutely smitten!
Nate has been an ice cream addict since he was little, but his obsession turned into an passion when he was able to make his own. After reading his recipes, you’ll feel empowered to buy an ice cream machine and get your brain-freeze on!

Follow Nate on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Image from London Eater

Follow your sunshine

Polly’s blog Follow Your Sunshine is essential blog to read for luxury food writing. Her recent roundup of the best dishes in Doha highlighted dishes those of us not living in the Middle East can only dream of!
She’s able to express what makes the food worth its high price, enticing you to hop on the next plane and explore the luxury side of life!

Follow Polly Byles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Holly goes lightly

When we stumbled onto Holly’s blog we were taken by the first piece, a private chef dining experience: truly the definition of luxury!
She lets us into the world of what inspires her, and when focusing on food she really tickles the tastebuds. It’s the closest you can get to living a high-expense life but without all the hassle of paying for it.

Follow Holly Wood on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Emily Luxton Travels

Emily chronicles her travels and it really is the best way to taste the world, one delicious bite at a time.
Her recent post on Austrian foods was a true food journey, making us crave Specknödel (bacon dumplings). There’s so many so many scrumptious treats to discover in her blog. All you need to do is travel the world.

Follow Emily Luxton on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Carmen's Luxury Travel

Carmen lives and writes a life full of luxury, and we just can’t get enough of it. She’s skilled in getting past the closed doors of the most hard-to-find restaurants, giving us all a chance to peek at how the lavish live their life.
Our personal highlight is her food guide to St Petersburg, which give a real rundown of what makes makes the Russian city unique by finding the unique details; the smells and taste sensations which really set her apart from other bloggers.

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Aiste, who’s behind Luxeat, was a high fashion model previously and that same sense of elegance in her blog. Reading her recent blog on tea master Fuyuko Kobori, you get a sense of how exceptionally rare these experiences can be when travelling around the world.
Finding against the stereotypes of her former career, the catch line of her very first blog was “who said that models don’t eat?” And when you read more of her articles you realise this model eats very well!

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London Eater

Kang’s blog London Eater is full of personality, especially when he writes about the luxury restaurants he's been visiting, both around the UK and the world. Reading his recent review of Duck Duck Goose Brixton, you get a sense of the history of the restaurant and what influences are buzzing around on the chef’s palette. Every last element of the dishes Kang eats is discussed in rich detail: roast duck is “snappy, crispy, (with) glass-like skin” and phrases like “delicious layer of melting fat supplying mouth-watering umami” indicate why this is lauded as one of the best food blogs in the UK. 

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Major Foodie

Richard is most definitely a Major Foodie, and one that has one of the best food blogs in the UK. His site's signature is honestly written reviews of luxurious Michelin-starred restaurants.
A personal favourite is his review of Loch Bay, on the Isle of Skye. He breaks down all the elements of the dining experience, his words truly capturing the thrill of the food. This is coupled with his pictures of the restaurant and meal that really encapsulate what makes fine dining irresistible.

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The Foodaholic

 The Foodaholic is one of our favourite food bloggers of London. We love following Gary’s journey around the world; he’s just come back to London after a trip to Slovenia. His recent post about Valentine’s afternoon tea at The Royal Lancaster hotel really captures the hotel’s magic opulence.
When you read the blog, you get a sense of what makes a great food review, recreating the experience but also capturing the appeal of travelling the world. We’re now looking forward to his Beziers trip in May!

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Lifestyle Enthusiast

Reena is passionate about luxury food: when you read her review (or even scroll the amazing pictures) of the Peruvian restaurant Astrid Y Gaston, the next thing you do will be to book a plane ticket to Peru.
She deals in gorgeous interiors and masterpiece meals that are dripping in luxury. If you’re looking to explore the foods of the world, her blog is surely the one for you.

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Sprouted Kitchen

Sara from Sprouted Kitchen specialises in recipe development and food photography, a combination which makes for one of the most stylish healthy food blogs around. Our personal favourite is her butternut squash and kale minestra, a dish which although highly technical, is manageably broken down into simple steps.
For her the “intention is to make healthy-ish food that fits into your everyday life, using mostly produce, whole grains, healthy fats, natural sugar alternatives,” and that’s something we can all get down with.

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Silverspoon London

Angie’s well-heeled blog is a glimpse into how the other half live. She travels the world posting jealousy-inspiring reviews of some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and restaurants. Closer to home, Angie keeps on top of London’s foodie scene, writing about restaurants from Seven Dials’ Barbary through to Chiltern Firehouse. Surely the luckiest of the food bloggers in London!

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Emma Louise Layla

Emma’s blog is a perfectly-curated slice of the high life, ricocheting from fine dining palace to fine dining palace all around the world –– she’s racked up reviews in London, Berlin and Paris, to name just a few places. Her blog’s also home to musings on art and culture, fashion photography, and much else besides.

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Image from Jess Pryles

One Man’s Meat

Dublin born and bred, Conor Bofin is a man obsessed with the art of food. Every meal he showcases is truly a sight to salivate over!
When he started his blog One Man's Meat, he saw it as a way to balance his passions of writing, photography and food. He covers a wide variety of meats in his uniquely knowledgeable style, that helps you admire the real craft that goes into creating delectable food. His latest food obsession is Sous Vide (French for “under vacuum”), a method for cooking food in perfect conditions. We were sold after reading the first line of his bio "when I am not working, I like to cook for my family and friends." Wattaguy!

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Man Fuel

Going as Youssef, but you can call him Sef or Joe! Joe was originally a lawyer, but took a break from legal work to focus on his love of food, a dream everyone on a empty stomach can relate to.
Stressing that this isn't a health blog, Joe has a firm focus on 'hearty portions' (you'd definitely agree when you see his off-the-bone ribs). But his blog really isn't just meat-inspo, what really ties his blog together is the sheer variety of red and white meats available, its enough to make a uneasy vegetarian lapse into meat-heaven. PS: his blog isn't just for male food bloggers and readers- the name's just an inside joke!

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Hardcore Carnivore

Jess Pryles is a self styled 'hardcore carnivore' and a definite grill superstar gracing this list- Hardcore Carnivore is one of the top food blogs to follow for any meat lover. She's Australian but has found her spiritual home in Texas BBQ. 
A true BBQ lover, Jess wanted to educate herself about how her meat ended up on the plate. She's now an expert on the essential aspects of cooking methods, the right cuts and the difference between grass and grain fed.These are all crucial to the taste experience, as you'll find when reading her recent recipe on BBQ pork belly burnt ends. Her speciality is beef and her licence is definitely to grill!

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Hey Grill Hey

Susie is kind of person you could grill (pun intended) on all things BBQ-related.
Having grown up working in her family's restaurant, her recipes are wholesome and definitely for everyone, her cherry cola BBQ sauce is something everyone needs to try. Fun fact; she also holds a Guinness world record for the longest grilling marathon by a team by grilling consecutively for 34 hours and 35 minutes.

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Barbeque Bible

Steven Raichlen is the world’s top barbecue and grilling authority (he said it and we're taking his five spice recipe as proof). If you're not convinced he wrote the literal 'how-to' book on grilling.
If you're thinking he's a bit grill obsessed, then you’ll soon find he diversified this by having a degree in medieval cooking, perhaps just to find out what people in the Middle Ages might be grilling? Overall, his expertise is in finding the perfect cuts of meat and giving us all a window into how amazing they taste.

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Man Meat BBQ

Man Meat BBQ's mission statement is to “bring people from all walks of life together in the celebration of the joys of cooking over an open flame,” which is our new plan for world peace.
They do this through their blog and podcast, bringing the best of the BBQ world when they record an episode (a recent guest was Adam from This Jew Can Cue). The BBQ they feature is the kind that brings everyone together, messy but always tasty!

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Barbecue Bros

BBQing with your bros is the best way to live life. Grilling meat to perfection and sharing a beer (or two) really bonds friends.
Reading the bros’ restaurant reviews is a delight: their three perspectives when covering the North Carolina Historic Barbecue Trail are a BBQ lovers dream It’s taken them a few years but they've nearly conquered all 23 restaurants on the list.

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For Josh, the Meatwave has grown into a full food addiction. Having hosted the blog seasonally for five years, he changes the theme every year and run a real gamut of mainstay meats.
He also shifts focus to the best BBQ sauces, to compliment those tasty meats but he hasn't yet found that perfect ten sauce. When's he's not focussing on his meat obsession, Josh is a daytime web designer but is probably daydreaming about what next to put on his grill!

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Slap Yo Daddy

If we were giving out awards for best blog names Slap Yo Daddy BBQ would definitely come tops. But where does the name come from? It's a Southern term for when you eat something you like, you want to go slap somebody, when reading his blog you realise the name definitely fits the food he writes about! Jenga hoisin ribs being our new favourite BBQ dish of his.
The blog is the brainchild of Harry Soo, who started competing in BBQ pitmaster competitions after being inspired by the Hollywood movie 'The Bucket List' to tick off a passion he'd always wanted to follow. Was this dream inspired by an empty stomach? I guess we'll never know.

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The Other Cooking Blog

Paul started his blog to learn how to make lentil soup and bake bread, but having achieved that goal pretty quickly, he discovered how much he loved writing about the food he loves.
He also has a passion for photography and it shows in the masterful shots of food that he takes. Looking at his most recent recipe, of home-made dry-cured pork loin showcases his photographic eye and knack for cooking on a level of the expert.

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Image from Green Kitchen Stories

Olive Hummer

Siri Barje of Olive Hummer has a refreshing approach to vegetarian food. The trained chef’s signature dishes usually involve copious amounts of butter, cream and pasta, and absolutely no “freaky diets, detox or bad-conscience juices”. Her joyful approach to cooking- with few measurements and emphasis on adapting to what you have lying around- is both infectious and accessible: a sure winner in our eyes.

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Tinned Tomatoes

Funnily enough, tinned tomatoes are not all that Jacqueline Meldrum cooks with. Rather, her blog’s name serves as a reminder to be creative with her recipes. Jacqueline is a vegetarian who cooks for her vegan husband, so the blog features a mixture of recipes from the two disciplines. My favourite post? The Ultimate Sandwich Guide: you’ll never stick for a plain cheese filling again. She's also one of the more popular UK food bloggers on Instagram.

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Veggie Runners

Jayne and Bibi Rodgers are the mother-daughter duo behind Veggie Runners. You’d never guess it, but both are vegetarians and avid runners: they started the blog when Jayne couldn’t find enough information on how to run the 96 (?!) mile West Highland Way on a vegetarian diet. With blog topics reaching from how fermented foods can help runners to the perfect healthy post-run breakfast power up, by way of stories of their (many) marathons (some of which are run together!), it's the perfect place for any plant loving athlete. 

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The Flexitarian

Annabelle of The Flexitarian hardly ever eats meat these days and believes that meat-free is the future of food. What we love about her blog is that she chooses not to preach a radical diet change, but instead educate people on how to eat less meat- and if you do, what type of meat you should be looking to buy. Recipes like Slow-Cooker Vegetarian Lasagne show how eating less meat doesn’t give up family favourites- making The Flexitarian a must read for any carnivorous sceptic!

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Delicious From Scratch

Nancy is a Leeds-based vegetarian food writer whose passion for halloumi has turned into a book, not to mention striking recipes such as Halloumi Onion Bhaji Waffles! Delicious from Scratch comes with a side of delicious looking cocktails and words of wisdom, my favourite being “no one was ever brought over to the [vegetarian] cause with words”- inspiration to cook beautiful veggie food if there ever was any!

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Isa Chandra

More words of wisdom from a food blogger here- “I believe that tastebuds are the perfect vehicle for change.” Isa Chandra Moskowitz has a love for the kitchen and a love for social justice, which have come together to create vegan recipes across through her blog and books. Check out her blog for meat substitutes- forget buddha bowls, Isa makes Tofu Short Ribs, Glazed Tofu Ham and Chicken Stylee Seitan- perfect for the vegetarian or vegan with a meat-shaped hole in their life.

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Green Kitchen Stories

David and Luise are a beautiful Scandinavian couple with three beautiful kids, the most beautiful food photography and beautiful vegetarian recipes (many of which have been tried and LOVED by a Nobly content writer [me]). Luise has a more ‘hippy-minded’ holistic approach to food, while David provides the vegetarianism, and charming, often wry, musings on family life. This pairing obviously works well- their list of achievements includes four books and just getting married!

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Cookie and Kate

Kate and her dog Cookie work on their eponymous blog full time- great news for us, as they’ve created recipes for every course, season, cuisine, and ingredient. She’s open to all diets as well- her recipes helpfully point out omissions, additions, or changes you can make according to your needs. Top marks go to her salad recipes: endless inspiration for healthy, filling lunches.

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Anna Jones

You’ll probably recognise Anna Jones if you read any major UK broadsheet. The Jamie Oliver trained food stylist and writer has worked with some of the biggest names in the food industry such as Leon and Innocent drinks and currently has a column with The Guardian and The Pool, not to mention winning multiple awards for having one of the best food blogs of 2017. Her simple, stylish blog is in tune with the seasons: recent offerings include A Valentine’s Supper and vegetable centred suppers for January.

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Lazy Cat Kitchen

Lazy Cat Kitchen is run by Ania, her fiance Duncan and their cat Tina- who, along with her predecessor, inspired the couple to go vegan. Ania describes herself as a ‘visual eater’, which has resulted in a vibrant collection of dishes made for both their taste and their aesthetic properties. Her writing is also a delight; you really get a sense of the lives behind the blog- testament to food’s relationship building qualities.

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Tin and Thyme

Hailing from Cornwall, Choclette is a recipe developer with a serious sweet tooth and a penchant for hearty veggie fare. Come for recipes like wholemeal spelt Welsh cakes, , apple and parsnip soup and indulgent chocolate peanut butter ice cream sundaes; stay for We Should Cocoa, a community-based celebration of all things chocolate.

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Simply Food

Nayna wants her vegetarian dishes to feel ‘complete without being complicated’. She has a great range of recipes with global influences: try her Indian rice pudding with date compote or Caramel Peda (Indian Fudge) if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat. If not, her Spinach and Potato Curry should do the trick- Nayna’s food may be simple, but it’s sure to keep you more than satisfied!

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Image from the woks of life
Best of the Rest

Food Stories

Helen Graves won a Young British Foodies award for her blog, Food Stories, in 2013, and it’s easy to see why. Her blog is a wonderous mish-mash of different cuisines, rooted in an abiding love of huge flavours, chillies, and Peckham’s finest food. Expect recipes like chipotle goat tacos, cavolo nero and feta boreka, and chicken roasted with forty cloves of garlic (food heaven!), alongside reviews of some of South London’s finest neighbourhood joints. She also writes the recently-revived London Review of Sandwiches, which combs London's cafes and delis for sandwich-y goodness.

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Rocket and Squash

These days Ed Smith is best-known for his book On The Side, a break-out success devoted to elevating the oft-neglected side dish to a fine art, but his blog isn’t to be missed, either. There’s recipes here, both from his book and original creations, but the real draw is Supplemental, a weekly series that rounds up the best recipes published in Britain’s weekend newspapers. There’s more than 175 of them ready to get your teeth into. Oh, and he's also one of the biggest UK food bloggers on Instagram. 

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Eat Like A Girl

Niamh Shields is well-known in the food blog scene, and with good reason. Her blog, Eat Like A Girl looks around the world for inspiration, resulting in a sometimes eclectic, always surprising mix of recipes. Think chicken noodle soup bursting with pancetta, pumpkin, and pak choi, homemade paneer, and Korean rice cakes, all following each other in quick succession. She also posts about the travels that inspire her recipes.

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Maunika Gowardhan

Maunika Gowardhan was born and raised in Mumbai and now lives in the UK. She aims to ‘bridge cultural understanding between East and West’ through a career in food that has spanned over a decade! Maunika’s recipes, such as Maharashtrian Spiced Egg Curry and Christmas Goose Dum Biryani, are usually introduced by a brief paragraph about the recipe in it’s Indian context, as well as her own personal memories and favourite aspects about it. A must visit for any lover of Indian food!

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Sabrina Ghayour

The multiple award-winning writer of some of Britain’s best-selling cookbooks, including Persiana, Sirocco, and Feast, Sabrina Ghayour’s website is full of recipes taken from her books and original numbers that draw from her Iranian upbringing. Think khoresh e ghormeh sabzi, a Persian lamb stew with fenugreek, dried limes and kidney beans, or spiced banana, dark chocolate, and walnut bread.

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Budget Bytes

Beth is a woman on a mission, and that mission is to teach the world to cook simple but delicious and nutritious meals, on a budget! One of the best things about her website is the Sunday Meal Prep section, where she talks through how to batch-cook some of her recipes, like maple-roasted miso carrots or curried chickpeas, as part of a week’s worth of lunches.

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The Woks of Life

Bill, Judy, Sarah, and Kaitlin collectively run The Woks of Life from Beijing and the US, resulting in a blog that’s chock-full of Chinese recipes that are flavourful and authentic -- a far cry from lemon chicken. Their recipes run the gamut from quick and easy, like braised pork with glass noodles and napa cabbage, to weekend projects like cha siu bao or spicy cumin lamb biang biang noodles.

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Ego Scriptor

George Reynolds is one of Britain’s most celebrated young food writers, winning a much-coveted Young British Foodie award for his writing in 2016 and an award for one of the best food blogs of 2017 . Ego Scriptor is a showcase of his writing chops, with often-scathing, always-incisive reviews of some of Britain’s most anticipated new openings, as well as longer thinkpieces and essays.

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Matching Food and Wine

Fiona Beckett’s website does what it says on the tin, but it does it to a T. She is one of the most celebrated wine writers in the country, with her oenophile wisdom making frequent appearances in The Guardian, as well as in some 24 books. If you’re knowledgeable about wine, or you want to be, this is one that’s not to be missed.

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Cooking On A Bootstrap

Writer-turned-activist Jack Monroe’s life as a food writer was born out of real hardship. Jack started documenting their attempts to feed themselves and their child on the smallest of budgets back in 2012. Six years later, and Jack has written three best-selling books and become a strident anti-poverty campaigner, while still giving the world frugal yet delicious and nutritious recipes like salted caramel banana cake, spinach, lemon and lentil soup, and applesauce pancakes.

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African Food Map

Tuleka Prah, a filmmaker living in Berlin, runs a website like no other. Every month, she makes a four-minute video showcasing a different recipe. These recipes are all drawn from different African countries, criss-crossing the continent. Expect to see wonderfully shot videos of recipes like South African bobotjie, Ethiopian doro wat, and Ghanaian beans and fried plantain accompanied by chefs discussing what those dishes mean to them.

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Love and Olive Oil

Lindsay and Taylor’s blog is a treasure-trove for those looking for perfectly photographed twists on well-loved classics, such as shakshuka, but with green tomatillos, squid ink fettuccine, and black sesame truffles. If you just can’t get enough, they’ve published three books, including Breakfast for Dinner, The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook, and That’s My Jam, on all things jammy.

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Ideas in Food

Aki Kamozawa & H. Alexander Talbot are one of the most innovative duos in cooking, and Ideas in Food has been home to all their musings and experimentations since 2005. The pair have also written three cookbooks including Ideas in Food: Great Recipes & Why They Work, and Maximum Flavor: Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook. Come for the doughnut photos, yet you’ll stay for the terse yet poetic descriptions of classic comfort food.

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Giulia Mulè of Mondomulia is an Italian food blogger based in London. Her first love is baking- evidenced by creations like her Banana and Medjool Date Cake. However, her blog expands to cover her passion for travel as well, reflected in the global flavours of Veggie Tacos with Refried Beans and Roasted Butternut Squash and Kolackzi- Polish Cream Cheese Biscuits with Cherry Jam to name a few. Throw in a whole section dedicated to coffee and another for dreamy restaurant reviews- Giulia’s created the perfect blog for every London-dwelling foodie.

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My Blue & White Kitchen

Sini’s blog is inspired by the Nordic seasons- and has the minimal, moody aesthetic to match. Even the titles of her recipes (for which she's won awards for being one of the best food blogs of 2017) are dreamy and evocative: try Towards the Light- Nordic Pancakes with Blood Orange and Aperol Compote or Nordic Winter Mornings- Nordic Rice Porridge with Caramelized Cinnamon Plums. She’s also written a handy inspiration section in case you manage to work through all her dishes in record time- a feat we feel could be managed quite easily.

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The Cutlery Chronicles

Leyla Kazim of The Cutlery Chronicles has been spotlighted by publications such as The Huffington Post and The Evening Standard, and with good reason. Her blog is a “personal anthology” of her travels and eats, which results in recipes for Pomegranate Braised Lamb among others. However, our favourite section is Leyla’s jam-packed Gastro Travelsection, with tips for where and what to eat all around the world. It’s enough to induce a serious case of gastro-wanderlust.

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Orgasmic Chef

“Food that’s better than well, you know”: a bold claim? With recipes like Butternut Pumpkin, Onion and Roasted Garlic Thin Crust Pizza, we think that Maureen might actually be onto something. She’s not afraid to share her kitchen mishaps- after all, “what’s more amusing than a cook who thinks she’s clever in the kitchen and then make the biggest, inedible mess ever?”- which makes for the Orgasmic Chef being one of the funniest, down-to-earth blogs on this list.

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Tasty Ever After

Another down to earth, instantly likeable blogger here. Karrie recognises the importance of fresh, unseasonal, unprocessed food, but also admits to “liking all different kinds of food way too much” for Tasty Every After to be a health food blog. Karrie’s alcohol-based recipes caught our eye- try Mediterranean Farro Salad Recipe with Champagne Vinaigrette or her Homemade Margarita Jello Shots.

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My Kitchen Stories

Tania is a trained chef who worked in kitchens around the world before moving into other areas of the food industry such as buying and consulting. This well-rounded food education makes for a wide roster of recipes that are archived to suit different lifestyles or interests- if you’re after party food, special flours, cheese or just wanted a recipe that includes beer, head over to My Kitchen Stories as soon as possible.

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Living Lou

Louisa Clements’s cooking journey began at the age of seven with a Betty Crocker Kids Cookbook: a recipe tome that she still returns to today. Her recipes range beyond the everyday, though- we love the look of her luxurious breakfasts like Cheesy Truffled Scrambled Eggs or Baked Croissant French Toast.

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Pinch of Nom

Kate, Kay and their dedicated recipe team have created a great resource for people on the Slimming World diet, with pages and pages of recipes that are low Syn but highly indulgent. Think falafel burgers, chocolate French toast and dirty fries oozing with bacon and cheese. With looking after yourself becoming more fashionable by the day, we reckon that last year's recipes make Pinch of Nom one of the best food blogs of 2017. 

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Livia’s Kitchen

Back in the middle of 2014, Livia was diagnosed with severe food intolerances Her first sugar-free crumbles followed soon after. Today Livia's Kitchen is one of the biggest healthy food blogs around and she sells her food in an array of glitzy shops, including Selfridges, and her website is a treasure-trove of indulgent recipes for people with FODMAP intolerances. Try banoffee muffins, blueberry and vanilla pie or fudgy chocolate cashew brownies.

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Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen

Charlotte Oates started her blog back in 2014, and in the four years since she set it up, she’s amassed a vast treasure-trove of sweet treats and hearty mains. Look out for lamb and feta filo parcels with mint yoghurt dip, or on the sweet side of things, peanut butter oreo brownies.

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Greedy Gourmet

Living in London, but with roots in South Africa, Michele Minaars’ blog is packed full of family-friendly South African recipes like geelrys, or yellow rice, and denningvleis, a rich and spicy lamb stew. There’s also recipes like veggie Cornish pasties and a whole host of recipes for special diets, not to mention one of the loveliest accounts of all the London food bloggers on Instagram.

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Lavender and Lovage

Splitting her time between Yorkshire and the south of France, Karen Burns-Booth’s blog features a whole host of historical recipes made with traditional ingredients, such as beremeal pancakes from the Orkney Islands, Welsh cawl, and beef collops. There’s also more up-to-date recipes, such as chilli and coriander pork patties, and plenty of travel writing.

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Mzansi Style Cuisine

Thuli Gogela of Mzansi Style Cuisine calls herself the grandma of the internet. Why? Because traditional Mzansi recipes are often passed on by the grandma of the family. Back in 2001, she couldn’t find traditional recipes on the internet so decided to pass them on herself by starting her blog! Her greatest pleasure is connecting people through food- and she’s sure to do so with recipes like Homemade Pineapple Gmere (Ginger Beer) and Spring Onion and Mushroom Diphaphata (Flat Bread) with Feta Cheese.

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No Recipes

Ironically, Marc Matsumoto’s website is home to quite a few recipes: over 1000 of them, as it happens! Drawn from dishes across the world, like chicken rendang, fiery mapo tofu, and fig and gouda quesadillas. The aim of No Recipes is to make itself redundant – getting newbie cooks confident enough in the kitchen that they can freestyle it.

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Gin Fuelled Bluestocking

Gin is everywhere these days, and Manchester-based Charlie is here for it. Her blog is a compendium of all things gin, from reviews of the latest and greatest tipples, to recipes featuring the spirit –– like spotted dick with Zymurgorium marmalade gin, or braised ox cheeks with Kuro gin –– and reviews of Manchester’s restaurant scene. She also reps other bloggers in a regular feature called The Gintlemen.

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All About Us

Rebecca, Maddie, and Ellie are the team behind All About Us, a perfectly-curated blog that explores travel, food, and family life. Check out dishes like savoury Hass avocado muffins, king prawn curry with persimmon kachumber, and for dessert, plantain pancakes. As well as some pretty unique recipes, All About Us features a wealth of parenting tips and tantalising travel writing that makes us want to hit the road.

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Gingey Bites

A self-professed five-foot-nothing travelling foodie, Alex brings flavours from around the world into her Bristol kitchen. Follow her blog for recipes like Korean pork and tofu kimchi jigae, tom yum soup, and Hainanese chicken rice. There’s also glimpses into Alex’s journeys around the world, and reviews of cookbooks and kitchen gadgets.

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The English Kitchen

Marie is a Canadian expat who was so pleasantly surprised by English food that she started a blog about it! Expect traditional roasts and cakes such as Irish Whiskey and Ginger Cake. Alongside her recipes, Marie’s collated all her kitchen wisdom into one pagewhich even the most seasoned cooks are sure to learn from- how kind of her!

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Shockingly Delicious

Shockingly Delicious has the gobsmackingly large recipe index that you’d expect from an writer with over 25 years’ experience of food writing and recipe testing. We’re pretty much sure you can find a recipe for whatever you fancy on Dorothy’s website! We love her Real Dinner for Real People, a collection of dishes that anyone can get on board with. The best bit? She tries to be as cost-conscious as possible so everyone can get involved.

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Fuss Free Flavours

Helen of Fuss Free Flavours wants to make eating well affordable and achievable for everyone. We love the look of some of her more unusual packed lunches- take a look at her Healthier Vegetarian Russian Potato Salad Recipe or her Noodle Packed Lunch Salad In A Jar for healthy alternatives to the usual sandwich. Many of Helen’s recipes follow her mantra for healthy eating, which is making sure to eat a portion of raw vegetables with every meal- something simple enough for everyone to get on board with!

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Kitchen Sanctuary

Nicky juggles raising her two kids and creating delicious recipes for Kitchen Sanctuary. We love her unusual twists on breakfast: if you fancy pancake tacos or replacing eggs and soldiers with their creme egg and french toast counterparts then Kitchen Sanctuary’s the blog for you. Dieting? She has a dedicated Skinny Recipes category to ensure you’re not missing out.

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Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

Becky Excell had a hard time when she was first diagnosed with IBS and had to taken gluten off the table. Figuring out what works for her inspired her to help others in the same boat: she’s collated a series of travel posts to help navigate gluten-filled cities such as Paris and created gluten-free alternative recipes such as her Teriyaki Sauce. Becky’s boyfriend also suffers from IBS and is lactose intolerant, so expect dairy-free help as well!

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The Bearded Hiker

Jaxx likes to eat, he likes to hike, and he likes to eat while he hikes. His blog is full of great, nutrition-dense and flavour-packed recipes to make chowing down while out on the trail an absolute pleasure –– think bean bark stew and Santa Fe cheesy beans and rice. There’s also hiking gear reviews, as well as plenty of recipes to make back at home.

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Hanna Talks

Hailing from Essex, Hanna is on a mission to highlight the county’s finest food and best lifestyle spots. She’s also branched out into travel, pinging from Prague to Pisa and offering great restaurant and sightseeing tips. If you’re looking for the best of the East of England Hanna’s blog is not to be missed.

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Running To The Kitchen

Gina’s blog merges food and fitness; like the name suggests, Running To The Kitchen was born out of falling back in love with exercise and the dietary changes that came with it. Posts like 8 High Protein Recipes Perfect for Your Workout and Eating Around Training- What to Eat Before, After And During A Workout will be a real help if you’re into fitness (or want to be!). If you’re not athletically inclined, you can still enjoy fresh, seasonal and healthy meals such as Spicy Skillet Lamb Ragu and Creamy Dijon Egg Salad.

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A Glug Of Oil

Jan has two passions: cheese and kitchen gadgets. As a result, you can expect recipes for Chicken with Parma Ham and Goat’s Cheese and reviews of the latest kitchen tools. Cheese and kitchen gear aside, posts on the London foodie scene and the relationship between your star sign and your diet makes Jan’s blog the ultimate one stop shop for any foodie- it’s got something for everyone!

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The Purple Pumpkin

Michelle’s blog The Purple Pumpkin celebrates three joys of life: cooking, creating and celebrating. Over on the cooking side of things, she’s shared so many recipes (500 to be exact) that she’s able to create roundups of them all: try 10+ Tasty Curry Recipes for National Curry Week or 25 Mardi Gras Recipes for the ultimate blow out! Pair these recipes with her party planning tips and you’re sure to be everybody’s best friend!

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Eat Local

Andre Arriaza is the blogger for Barcelona Eat Local, the place where he showcases his passion for down to earth food, the simple and seasonal stuff that makes life delicious. On his blog, readers can uncover culinary gems of Spanish gastronomy and local life in Barcelona. Think about a delicious Mediterranean dish in the form of tapas and here you´ll find local recipes such as Empedrat or Crema Catalana, or Spanish Summer Cocktails.

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